LibriVox 5th Anniversary Collection Vol. 2

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

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What do you do for a fifth anniversary? We decided to have a collection of short works with a difference. We challenged our readers to find any short works which had 'five' in the title - in any language. They have done us proud, and the collection extends to three volumes of short stories, poems, fairy tales, memoirs, non-fiction and bible readings, in six languages. This is the second volume. (Summary by Ruth Golding)

See also Volume 1 & Volume 3.

(4 hr 39 min)


At Five O'Clock in the Morning 23:29 Read by MaryAnn
Five Men's Lives for One Horse 13:54 Read by Annise
Full Fathom Five 0:55 Read by Lucy Perry
Amy Margaret's Five Years Old 1:03 Read by Lucy Perry
The Five Wise Words of the Guru 16:10 Read by Lucy Perry
Vijf uit een schil 7:55 Read by Anna Simon
Hunted Down, or Five Days in the Fog 37:21 Read by MaryAnn
Spuk unter den fünf Eichen 4:54 Read by Hokuspokus
Fünf Treppen hoch 1:31 Read by Hokuspokus
Die Fünf Fragen 17:58 Read by Elli
The Fool of Five Forks 51:40 Read by Don W. Jenkins
A Mother of Five 19:54 Read by Don W. Jenkins
The Five Senses 46:14 Read by Cori Samuel
Les cinq doigts de la main 1:31 Read by Ezwa
The Five Boons of Life 6:53 Read by Philippa
Sonnet No. 5 1:29 Read by Philippa
Quinque Viae 15:29 Read by Martin Geeson
Tableau de Paris à cinq heures du matin 3:51 Read by Ezwa
Tableau de Paris à cinq heures du soir 6:14 Read by Ezwa
Fünf andere 1:06 Read by Kim Stich


Interesting mix, reading is fine.

(4 stars)

Thank you to all the readers.