The Return of Alfred

Read by Anna Simon

(4.7 stars; 247 reviews)

The hero of the book is at a loose end, weary and bored of his old life after returning from the Great War. After an argument with his uncle and a railway strike he finds himself lost in the county of Norfolk at ten o'clock one night. When he seeks shelter in a country home, the butler immediately recognizes him as "Mr. Alfred", the missing son of the house. From that point onwards, our hero, who gives his name as "James Smith", finds himself in for an exciting time.

Not only does he inherit the friends of "Mr. Alfred", but also the odium of his misdoings. Protestations are useless: the villagers are convinced he is the prodigal son. Of course, he could just leave the village - but then, had he not been hoping for something exciting to happen - and more importantly, what about Marjorie, the girl at the window?

Originally published anonymously, this romantic comedy was just signed "by the author of "Patricia Brent, Spinster" (a book that was also published anonymously) with a dedication: "To those in many countries who have generously assumed responsibility for the authorship of Patricia Brent, Spinster - this book is dedicated by the author". (9 hr 1 min)


01 - The Girl at the Window 32:23 Read by Anna Simon
02 - A Question of Identity 25:08 Read by Anna Simon
03 - What the Butler Told 18:14 Read by Anna Simon
04 - The Vicar Decides to Act 22:11 Read by Anna Simon
05 - Little Bilstead Receives a Shock 23:41 Read by Anna Simon
06 - The Strangeness of Marjorie 31:24 Read by Anna Simon
07 - Little Bilstead Sits in Judgment 24:24 Read by Anna Simon
08 - Eric Stannard Promises Support 18:26 Read by Anna Simon
09 - Miss Lipscombe Decides on Neutrality 15:20 Read by Anna Simon
10 - Smith Acquires Reach-me-downs 16:54 Read by Anna Simon
11 - Mr. Tassell is Surprised 19:18 Read by Anna Simon
12 - Little Bilstead Goes to Church 19:30 Read by Anna Simon
13 - Nero in Disgrace 18:41 Read by Anna Simon
14 - Smith becomes a Popular Hero 46:34 Read by Anna Simon
15 - A Village divided against Itself 24:57 Read by Anna Simon
16 - P.C. Postle assumes his uniform 11:43 Read by Anna Simon
17 - Mr Gadgett pays a call 30:14 Read by Anna Simon
18 - Eric plays a part 22:31 Read by Anna Simon
19 - Sir John Hildreth inserts an Advertisement 16:56 Read by Anna Simon
20 - Little Bilstead aches with Drama 29:52 Read by Anna Simon
21 - Marjorie hears the News 15:35 Read by Anna Simon
22 - The Unmasking of Smith 17:31 Read by Anna Simon
23 - Mr Gadgett tells the Truth 17:07 Read by Anna Simon
24 - Eric pronounces it spif 22:40 Read by Anna Simon



(5 stars)

This story is very entertaining. It has lots of twists and turns, because of the mistaken identity of the main character. Parts of the story are a bit far fetched but the characters are likeable. If you are looking for something light and fun, this is a enjoyable story. Anna Simon has a lovely voice and she brings these charming characters to life. Thank you Anna for your time, I will look for your voice again in other books.

(5 stars)

Outstanding!! I enjoyed this terrrrific yarn as I haven't enjoyed a book for awhile, now! Clever and interesting, this story, (and its remarkably talented reader), kept me chuckling and sighing and wondering what what adventure would unfold next, until its very satisfying end. Really loved it! A little bit of mystery, a little bit of human drama, and a little bit of romance, it's the perfect mix to take your mind off your troubles and make you smile. ***Thank you, Anna! You are one of my very favorite readers, and I can't wait for the next one! Your time and talent are truly appreciated and have given much delight!

Gentle World-Weariness

(5 stars)

The post-war cynicism in this book is not allowed to harden into simplistic bitterness, but leads the protagonist in his initial search for meaning. That search leads him to a home away from home, and to a delightful mistaken identity brouhaha in the midst of his identity crisis. Decently good reader, although she sometimes pronounced 'bow' and a very few other words incorrectly.

Enrapturing story!

(5 stars)

If you have to keep listening, even when you are done for the day, well, it's a good story. Our hero 'James Smith' is providencially left in a small town where he looks very much like the local rich boy/troublemaker. Even the family butler and the nursemaid swear James is the missing Alfred. James decides to stay for a while and see the thing through, to perhaps help the missing Alfred, and also because of the lovely Marjorie. The reader did an excellent job, and the recording quality was likewise excellent. I enjoyed this story very much, thank you!

who's who?

(5 stars)

I had such a wonderful time listening to this story while sitting in a hunting stand in North Florida. Time just flew by. The characters were so defined. I couldn't wait for the next chapter and find out what was going to happen next. Just a ride amount of mystery drama and romance albeit hidden. he'll enjoy this book.

Began to get confusing.

(3 stars)

The reader did a fine job but the story of got confusing and I got lost along the way and by the end of the book I didn't really know what happened I don't think I will try to read it again.

great reading of a good book

(5 stars)

She did a fantastic job narrating this book. I'm not sure how I stumbled upon this 1. But I was able to finish it 1 day. Kept my attention through a whole day of work.

a good story

(5 stars)

Story kept me interested. A good reader, but she needs to learn there are two different pronunciations of “bow”. She always say “bow” as in bow and arrow instead of “bow” as in bow to the queen.