Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(2.7 stars; 65 reviews)

NOTE: Because of the nature of this project, there was a bending of usual LibriVox procedures: pub-like background noise was encouraged, as well as group readings; and no editing was required, so in places there may be some accidental variation from the original text ... Listener be warned!

Here is some more information about the genesis of the LibriVox Ulysses project. (Summary by Hugh McGuire)

Still one of the most radical novels of the 20th Century, James Joyce's Ulysses is considered to have ushered in the era of the modern novel. Loosely based on Homer's Odyssey, the book follows Leopold Bloom and a number of other characters through an ordinary day, twenty four hours, in Dublin, on June 16, 1904. The text is dense and difficult, but perfectly suited to an oral reading, filled with language tricks, puns and jokes, stream of consciousness, and bawdiness.
Full cast list for sections 15f and 15g:
Character identifications read by Chip
Read by: Kirsten Ferreri and Max Porter Zasada
Bloom read by David Barnes
Stephen read by Alex Foster
Kitty read by Kristin LeMoine
Florry read by Alessia
Zoe read by Catharine Eastman
Lynch read by Stephan Möbius
Bella, list of names, and sundry characters read by Kymm Zuckert
Marion read by Nikolle Doolin
Boylan read by Rainer
Private Carr read by Matthew Shepherd
Private Compton read by Seth Woodworth
Cissy Caffrey read by Kara Shallenberg
Maginni read by Hugh Mcguire
The Mother read by Cynthia Lyons

Additional sundry characters and background voices:
Peter Yearsley, Martin Clifton, Stephan Möbius, Kymm Zuckert, Ted Delorme, Hajduk, John Greenman, Tina Tilney, Annie Coleman, The Good Reverend Doctor, Mark F. Smith, Esther, Cecilia, Gesine, Anita Roy Dobbs, Kristin LeMoine, Catharine Eastman, Peter Eastman

The ten segments were edited as follows:
1st, 5th, and 6th segments with The Woods, The Dance, and The Ghost, were edited by Anita Roy Dobbs;
2nd and 4th segments with The Brothel and The Race were edited and sound designed by Stephan Möbius;
3rd and 10th segments with The Affair and The End were edited by Gesine;
7th segment, with The Chase, was edited by The Good Reverend Doctor;
8th and 9th segments, with The Kings and The Fight, were edited and sound designed by annelika.

(32 hr 39 min)


stately, plump Buck ... 1:00:40 Read by Hugh McGuire
you, cochrane, what city sent ... 34:37 Read by Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
ineluctable modality of the visible ... 47:10 Read by miette
mr. leopold bloom ate with relish ... 43:25 Read by Kristen McQuillin
by lorries along sir john rogerson's ... 50:16 Read by Gord Mackenzie
martin cunningham, first, poked ... 1:23:05 Read by Gesine
in the heart of the hibernian ... 57:49 Read by Kirsten Ferreri
pineapple rock, lemon platt ... 46:26 Read by Annie Coleman Rothenberg
grafton street gay with … 43:21 Read by Annie Coleman Rothenberg
urbane, to confort them ... 50:59 Read by Hugh McGuire
buck Mulligan rapped… 42:43 Read by Hugh McGuire
the superior, very reverend ... 45:21 Read by Hugh McGuire
the lacquey by the door 45:37 Read by Hugh McGuire
bronze by gold heard ... 44:42 Read by Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
never would richie... 55:18 Read by Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
I was just passing the time ... 1:09:06 Read by miette
here says joe … 1:37:23 Read by miette
the summer evening had ... 20:17 Read by Robert Foster
edy boardman asked … 34:02 Read by Robert Foster
canon ohanlon put … 27:17 Read by Robert Foster
wonder how is she 26:08 Read by Robert Foster
deshil holles eamus ... 1:00:19 Read by pheo
to revert to mr. bloom 55:05 Read by pheo
the mabbot street entrance… 54:39 Read by Anita Roy Dobbs
GEORGE FOTTRELL: (Clerk of the crown… 51:52 Read by Anita Roy Dobbs
bloom explains to those near him… 34:48 Read by Anita Roy Dobbs
ELIJAH: No yapping… 41:48 Read by Anita Roy Dobbs
RICHIE GOULDING: (Bagweighted… 30:59 Read by Kirsten Ferreri
BLOOM: (Pigeonbreasted… 52:02 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
SIMON: Think of your mother… 55:50 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
preparatory to anything ... 48:11 Read by Gesine
there ensued a somewhat … 55:46 Read by Gesine
this morning hynes … 57:36 Read by Gesine
what parallel courses did... 50:40 Read by Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
what two temperaments 57:24 Read by Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
how did the centripetal … 52:32 Read by Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
what did the 2nd … 43:51 Read by Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
yes because he never did ... 1:01:38 Read by dwaber
he was looking at me … 1:08:19 Read by dwaber


VERY difficult to listen to

(1 stars)

Firstly, whoever is playing the fiddle is quite frankly awful. Changing readers who can't actually read the text makes it even more frightful to listen to. I gave up fifteen minutes in when I couldn't stand it any longer. Waiting for readers to walk across the room, laughing, and not being able to read the words just makes it ridiculous, and an insult to one of the greatest novels ever written.

Tremendously disappointing

(1 stars)

Be warned -- this is not just a matter of background noise, etc., as suggested. A series of readers, a different one every 3-4 minutes is disorienting. Some could seemingly care less -- it may be just a lark to them, but how can you get into the flow of the book, when a sentence is repeated sometimes three or four times until they get it "right"? (or sometimes, they give up). I honor the effort, but its un-listenable.

listener be warned

(3 stars)

as the warning says: "Because of the nature of this project, there was a bending of usual LibriVox procedures: pub-like background noise was encouraged, as well as creative group readings; and no editing was required, so in places there may be some accidental variation from the original text ... Listener be warned!" plans are possibly afoot to do a cleaner rendition.

This is awesome!

(5 stars)

This is the most interesting reading of Joyce I have come across. Gread project and audiobook. Highly recommended!!!

Skip this one

(1 stars)

This is really not usable. Apart from the chapters read by Kara Shallenberg, who always take care to deliver her recordings with a professional touch, and some few others, this reading is really not meant for any listener. The readers might indeed have had fun while recording it, but they might as well not have recorded their voice at all. I think the main problem has been not editing stumbles, repetitions and errors plus recording in loud environments(in chapter 4 readers has actually to shout to make their voice clear over the noise. How is that supposed to enhance the recording? Is that even funny?). I think the note should read "this has been badly recorded, and not even edited(God knows why), Listener be warned!", that would be more sincere. Skip this one with a sigh, hoping some librovoxer shall make a solo-reading out of this great book, with the excellent quality librivox recordings used to guarantee.

Irish Literature

(0 stars)

First of all, it is Irish literature. I don't care how experimental these people think this is, it's very difficult to listen to. Since Joyce wrote in style that indicated he wanted this read aloud, it sould be much easier to listen to. This is a total joke and a bit insulting frankly. If you're going to experiment, it's probably best not to mess with the initial intentions of the author. There is lost of room for improvisation but improvisation should give the audiene the impression that the performers actually know what they are talking about.

You people are crazy

(5 stars)

By far the best performance in the Librivox catalog. I own a professional version through Audible, but I keep coming back to this one. WARNING: This performance involves mild chaos. If you are disturbed by other people enjoying themselves, do not listen to this recording. In fact you should probably skip Joyce altogether until you done a bit of drinking or a whole lot of therapy. You have been warned!

Ulysses with drunk dyslexics!

(2 stars)

This is the result of a few people with questionable reading skills trying to perform a difficult book with an inability to read coherently! The giddines suggests slight inebriatiion and although funny at start quickly becomes quite annoying (I also am an annoying alcoholic)! Got as far as the 3rd stuttering, muttering fool and gave up!