My Doggie and I

Read by Allyson Hester

(4.1 stars; 16 reviews)

This story surrounds a child waif, a young woman, a young gentleman doctor, and an elderly lady. This tale unfolds the story of a bond that brings these unlikely friends together and merges their separate paths of life into one common path. The bond is "Dumps", or "Pompey", the "doggie". With many twists, turns, and uncertainties, the ending may surprise the reader. All's well that ends well in this doggie "tail". (Introduction by Allyson Hester) (4 hr 25 min)


good reader and great book

(5 stars)

This is one of my favorite books and the reader is one of the best. It is a heart warming story for all who are animal lovers.


(5 stars)

An easygoing dog-and-his-man story in which virtue is rewarded, evildoers receive their comeuppance, and all the loose ends are nicely tied up. In the finest LibriVox tradition, this tale of 19th-century London is read by Allyson Hester whose strong Southern US accent makes for a charming listening experience. An excellent companion for a dreary drive down the M6! TheBookworm (Manchester, UK)

(1 stars)

So i think the story itself is alright but that sharp shrill voice the narrator goes into when copying anothers voice...well, it grated on my nerves so bad I had to cut it short. sorry folks but so she goes. Chapter 1 and I was finished!!!!!🤑

the best story ever!

(5 stars)

I love this story this makes me learn mutch better