David Copperfield (version 2)

Read by Tadhg

(4.9 stars; 988 reviews)

The story is told almost entirely from the point of view of the first person narrator, David Copperfield himself, and was the first Dickens novel to be written as such a narration. The story deals with the life of David Copperfield from childhood to maturity. David's father had died six months before he was born, and seven years later, his mother remarries but David and his step-father don’t get on and he is sent to boarding school. As David settles into life we are taken along with him and meet a dazzling array of characters, some of whom we will never forget and some of whom we won't want to remember! (Introduction by Wikipedia & T.Hynes) (32 hr 29 min)


00 - Preface 3:38 Read by Tadhg
01 - Chapter 1 - I Am Born 24:50 Read by Tadhg
02 - Chapter 2 - I Observe 32:32 Read by Tadhg
03 - Chapter 3 - I Have A Change 34:15 Read by Tadhg
04 - Chapter 4 - I Fall Into Disgrace 42:42 Read by Tadhg
05 - Chapter 5 - I Am Sent Away From Home 41:54 Read by Tadhg
06 - Chapter 6 - I Enlarge My Circle Of Acquaintance 16:37 Read by Tadhg
07 - Chapter 7 - My First Half At Salem House 41:25 Read by Tadhg
08 – Chapter 8 – My Holidays,Especially One Happy Afternoon 33:46 Read by Tadhg
09 - Chapter 9 - I Have A Memorable Birthday 26:35 Read by Tadhg
10 - Chapter 10 - I Become Neglected,And Am Provided For 44:30 Read by Tadhg
11 - Chapter 11 - I Begin Life On My Own Account,And Dont Like It 37:17 Read by Tadhg
12 - Chapter 12 - Liking Life On My Own Account No Better,I Form A Great Resolu… 22:05 Read by Tadhg
13 - Chapter 13 - The Sequel Of My Resolution 45:46 Read by Tadhg
14 - Chapter 14 - My Aunt Makes Up Her Mind About Me 34:03 Read by Tadhg
15 - Chapter 15 - I Make Another Beginning 22:11 Read by Tadhg
16 - Chapter 16 - I Am A New Boy In More Senses Than One 47:50 Read by Tadhg
17 - Chapter 17 - Sombody Turns Up 39:20 Read by Tadhg
18 - Chapter 18 - A Retrospective 17:29 Read by Tadhg
19 - Chapter 19 - I Look About Me,And Make A Discovery 35:20 Read by Tadhg
20 - Chapter 20 - Steerforth`s Home 19:21 Read by Tadhg
21 - Chapter 21 - Little Em`ly 44:12 Read by Tadhg
22 - Chapter 22 - Some Old Scenes,And Some New People 48:31 Read by Tadhg
23 - Chapter 23 - I Corroborate Mr.Dick,And Choose A Profession 32:09 Read by Tadhg
24 - Chapter 24 - My First Dissipation 19:09 Read by Tadhg
25 - Chapter 25 - Good And Bad Angels 44:16 Read by Tadhg
26 - Chapter 26 - I Fall Into Captivity 35:15 Read by Tadhg
27 - Chapter 27 - Tommy Traddles 20:54 Read by Tadhg
28 - Chapter 28 - Mr.Micawbers Gauntlet 42:32 Read by Tadhg
29 - Chapter 29 - I Visit Steerforths House Again 16:25 Read by Tadhg
30 - Chapter 30 - A Loss 18:04 Read by Tadhg
31 - Chapter 31 - A Greater Loss 20:51 Read by Tadhg
32 - Chapter 32 - The Beginning of a Long Journey 41:41 Read by Tadhg
33 - Chapter 33 - Blissful 37:00 Read by Tadhg
34 - Chapter 34 - My Aunt Astonishes Me 18:51 Read by Tadhg
35 - Chapter 35 - Depression 45:25 Read by Tadhg
36 - Chapter 36 - Enthusiasm 37:44 Read by Tadhg
37 - Chapter 37 - A Little Cold Water 17:41 Read by Tadhg
38 - Chapter 38 - A Dissolution of Partnership 37:54 Read by Tadhg
39 - Chapter 39 - Wickfield and Heep 43:07 Read by Tadhg
40 - Chapter 40 - The Wanderer 19:11 Read by Tadhg
41 - Chapter 41 - Dora`s Aunts 34:48 Read by Tadhg
42 - Chapter 42 - Mischief 44:37 Read by Tadhg
43 - Chapter 43 - Another Retrospect 18:22 Read by Tadhg
44 - Chapter 44 - Our Housekeeping 33:48 Read by Tadhg
45 - Chapter 45 - Mr. Dick Fulfils My Aunt`s Predictions 33:47 Read by Tadhg
46 - Chapter 46 - Intelligence 29:41 Read by Tadhg
47 - Chapter 47 - Martha 24:02 Read by Tadhg
48 - Chapter 48 - Domestic 24:51 Read by Tadhg
49 - Chapter 49 - I Am Involved In Mystery 27:59 Read by Tadhg
50 - Chapter 50 - Mr.Peggotty's Dream Comes True 21:32 Read by Tadhg
51 - Chapter 51 - The Beginning of a Longer Journey 39:46 Read by Tadhg
52 - Chapter 52 - I Assist At An Explosion 55:00 Read by Tadhg
53 - Chapter 53 - Another Retrospect 11:07 Read by Tadhg
54 - Chapter 54 - Mr. Micawber's Transactions 34:13 Read by Tadhg
55 - Chapter 55 - Tempest 27:23 Read by Tadhg
56 - Chapter 56 - The New Wound, And The Old 14:16 Read by Tadhg
57 - Chapter 57 - The Emigrants 24:41 Read by Tadhg
58 - Chapter 58 - Absence 15:15 Read by Tadhg
59 - Chapter 59 - Return 37:00 Read by Tadhg
60 - Chapter 60 - Agnes 19:58 Read by Tadhg
61 - Chapter 61 - I Am Shown Two Interesting Penitents 27:24 Read by Tadhg
62 - Chapter 62 - A Light Shines On My Way 18:36 Read by Tadhg
63 - Chapter 63 - A Visitor 17:14 Read by Tadhg
64 - Chapter 64 - A Last Retrospect 9:27 Read by Tadhg


(5 stars)

Amazingly brilliant tale, amazingly brilliant (as ever) narration by Tadhg. Tadhg brings each character to life using, it seems, his sensitivity in creating and developing natural voices which reflect each individual's essential essence; he also switches seamlessly between character voices, thus the tale flows uninterrupted. Tadhg was simply born to narrate. Can't wait for more titles read by Tadhg. This text with Tadhg's narration is highly recommended. 👍

Another great read

(5 stars)

Tadgh does a fantastic job as always. He makes David Copperfield come alive with more than just clear careful enunciation, the minimum for a good narrator. He gives life to the characters with their different personalities and voices. David Copperfield is a wonderful choice for anyone who is unfamiliar with Dickens, or just read Great Expectations in school. David is a very sympathetic character and following his life gives us great insight into the England at the time as well as great insight into Charles Dickens life in particular. Dickens said that David Copperfield was his favorite creation and that he was sad to finish with David. You can tell why when you see/hear how much of his own life experiences are in the book.

Absolutely Perfect

(5 stars)

The book is truly a timeless classic that tells a wonderful story. Yes, it's long and has many characters to remember with names so much alike that it's easy to forget who's who. However, it's well worth it. The narrator is the part that is perfect. He gives each and every characters its own voice, maintains it consistently through the whole book, and uses the quality of each voice to capture the essence of that person. The voices range from neutral to kindly and from pompous to downright creepy. I strongly recommend this recording.

(5 stars)

This is an absolutely fantastic audio book where the reader has clearly put in a lot of effort to reflect the differing characters, the emotions, the scenes etc. I have never put in a review on libra vox but felt I needed to in order to complement and highlight the fantastic reading by his person (tygh hines). The story itself is great, although it was pretty long and in the middle of the book it seemed to drag on somewhat. However by the end I was left wanting more, both from the book and the reader, a good sign! I highly recommend to all.

great book and reader

(5 stars)

When I first read this book years ago I somehow didn't get it like I did this time. The reading really changed the book and allowed me to take it in more deeply. It was inspiring to hear a reading where each word was brought to life. For me, this is one of the best readings I've listened to and I've listened to many. This book is a great one to do this with. It has varied characters and is a playground of sorts for a reader with these talents. Thank you warmly for this.

Always Dickens

(5 stars)

Of course, anything by Dickens is wonderful, however, David Copperfield is somehow made better by Tadhg. His voice is melodious, easy to listen to and you're able to be in the story instead of in your car due to his easy cadence and slight character voice changes. I've saved all of Tadhg's readings now. Oh, and the book's quite good, as well.

brilliant work of literature read brilliantly by T Hynes.

(5 stars)

It would be presumptuous of me to review the literary text of Dickens. All I can say is: this book takes my breath away. The poignancy of story, humanness of character, vibrancy of dialogue - achieve great heights as read by the talented T Hynes. His voice bellows, whinges, whispers, whimpers to a range of cadences, tenors, and accents. How can one person so expertly portray so many? Mr. Hynes, you are a star. Actually, you are 5 stars!! Dickens is a master of dialogue that comes to life under your equally masterful direction and execution. Thank you for such a memorable "read"!

Doting on Doty

(5 stars)

You must persevere until David makes his way to his Aunt's house- until then you will be tempted to part from him at a young age and will deprive yourself of a remarkable life in fiction. I only persisted knowing that it was Dickens particular favorite. Having finished it I now know why. I commend this book and this excellent reader to you. The reader (Tighe) has many voices and uses them consistently to make this work vivid, alive and compelling and at the end, sad to leave!