The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects

Read by Roger Melin

(4.6 stars; 81 reviews)

'Straight from the horse's mouth', as they say. Edward Ruppelt was the first head of the U.S. Air Force's Project Blue Book, the official project initiated to investigate UFO reports beginning in 1952. This report from 1956 takes us inside these initial investigations, separates fact from fiction, and gives insight into who, when, where, and how sightings were reported and researched in open-minded fashion (for which Ruppelt was renowned), rather than in the typical hushed and secretive (and censored) manner most often associated with government and military reports which are released to the public.

Dozens of specific sightings are recounted, although hundreds more had come pouring into the agency during the period covered (and hundreds, if not thousands more that were never officially reported). Here we go inside the workings of Project Blue Book, which had evolved from 2 earlier Air Force projects, and we are witness to interviews, press conferences, Pentagon briefings, and many reports from civilian and military pilots, Air Traffic Controllers, office workers, farmers, and the man on the street who reported their accounts with UFOs. And not all sightings that were reported were restricted to the U.S.

Although Project Blue Book would continue until 1969, here we witness an in-depth account from it's inception and it's earliest stages, the political obstacles, the houndings from the press, the overall confusion encountered during and following many of the sightings, and the near hysteria caused during the heyday of UFO sightings, and all from the man who headed up the project in it's earliest years. The second edition of Ruppelt's work was supplemented with 3 additional chapters which were added in 1960, and we are fortunate that they are included here. (Summary by Roger Melin) (16 hr 5 min)


00 - Forward 5:21 Read by Roger Melin
01 - Project Blue Book and the UFO Story 49:56 Read by Roger Melin
02 - The Era of Confusion Begins 51:04 Read by Roger Melin
03 - The Classics 1:03:30 Read by Roger Melin
04 - Green Fireballs, Project Twinkle, Little Lights, and Grudge 43:18 Read by Roger Melin
05 - The Dark Ages 35:05 Read by Roger Melin
06 - The Presses Roll--The Air Force Shrugs 49:35 Read by Roger Melin
07 - The Pentagon Rumbles 43:58 Read by Roger Melin
08 - The Lubbock Lights, Unabridged 51:24 Read by Roger Melin
09 - The New Project Grudge 41:37 Read by Roger Melin
10 - Project Blue Book and the Big Build-Up 53:56 Read by Roger Melin
11 - The Big Flap 58:10 Read by Roger Melin
12 - The Washington Merry-Go-Round 57:22 Read by Roger Melin
13 - Hoax or Horror? 46:28 Read by Roger Melin
14 - Digesting the Data 45:42 Read by Roger Melin
15 - The Radiation Story 33:48 Read by Roger Melin
16 - The Hierarchy Ponders 56:37 Read by Roger Melin
17 - What Are UFO's? 1:03:25 Read by Roger Melin
18 - And They're Still Flying 1:08:02 Read by Roger Melin
19 - Off They Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder 25:04 Read by Roger Melin
20 - Do They or Don't They? 21:44 Read by Roger Melin


Very Informative Non-Fiction UFO Audiobook

(5 stars)

I am enjoying this recording a lot. The reader is excellent and moves at a well measured pace. As I listen while driving I notice I pay a little more attention to the sky than I did previously.

Worth the Listen

(5 stars)

I really enjoyed listening to this. Fascinating and informative. Roger Melin does a wonderful job of taking dry material and infusing warmth and even a little humor, but not dismissive. Go into this with an open mind.

Narrated professionally

(5 stars)

I noticed throughout Roger’s reading that I told myself that he wasn’t the author because he does a perfect job of always hitting the right tones. Roger never gives the feel of someone simply reading a book. He made me feel as if he were telling me the story like he was interested in letting me know what had taken place if that makes any sense. From beginning to end I sat on the edge of my seat wondering what would be talked about next. It took me a few days to hear the entire account. As I looked forward to what was coming next I was dreading it all coming to a conclusion because I didn’t want the ride to end. I am now going through other books that Roger has read because he does such an awesome job! Thanks Roger for so many hours of enjoyment. I drive 10 hours a day and you’ve become my companion in my travels.

(5 stars)

Interesting & as always excellently read by Roger, who makes the topic interesting. I was surprised because Ed Ruppelt’s conclusion was surprising. Some sightings such as the Washington UFOs seen, on radar & chased by pilots remain unexplained. Today the US government et al acknowledges UAPs as UFOs called now are unexploded. Camera footage by US fighter pilots now famous. Being an amateur astronomer I see unusual sky sights. I also think that as we have sent probes to the furthest pars of our solar system now two leaving it to enter interstellar space. Even a slightly more advanced species could have sent AI probes across space to likely inhabited planets as we discover thousands of extra solar planets.

excellent reader.

(5 stars)

Thank You. The pace and style does fit the content. Whatever your views on offworlder visitors or intra world visitors, this is a really good listen to one of the people who set up The Blue Book and investigated some of the UFO reports and the problems encountered. It is fairly long and to my mind worth the time.

(5 stars)

One of the better books on UFO’s, read with an engaging voice. I had no idea the amount of financial and manpower investment the USAF was making in investigating all the reports that came in. I take my hat off to their thoroughness. Highly recommended!

(5 stars)

if you're looking for an objective viewpoint on the subject of unidentified flying objects, this most definitely should be your start point. a well-written and superbly read inside account on the early days of project blue book.


(5 stars)

I love this classic and could go on about it, but it is the narrator who stands out as being so deserving of praise in this forum. He does an absolutely outstanding job.