The House of a Thousand Candles (version 2)

Read by Eric Leach

(4.5 stars; 298 reviews)

A reputedly wealthy and eccentric old man dies in Vermont. His home, the House of a Thousand Candles, so called for the owner's preference to candle light, is left empty save a faithful servant -- his fortune mysteriously vanished, though rumored to still have been hidden in the house somewhere. John Glenarm, the late old man's grandson, stands to inherit the estate (and so the secret fortune) under the stipulation that he live in the house for one year. If he fails, the house will be forfeited and awarded to Marian Devereaux, the niece of the nun who operates the nearby Saint Agatha's School for girls. Mister Pickering, the executor of the estate and childhood rival of John's, decides to find the hidden treasure before young Glenarm does. (7 hr 29 min)


01 - The Will of John Marshall Glenarm 25:51 Read by Eric Leach
02 - A Face at Sherry’s 17:08 Read by Eric Leach
03 - The House of a Thousand Candles 13:26 Read by Eric Leach
04 - A Voice From the Lake 19:55 Read by Eric Leach
05 - A Red Tam-O'-Shanter 20:13 Read by Eric Leach
06 - The Girl and the Canoe 10:23 Read by Eric Leach
07 - The Man on the Wall 15:18 Read by Eric Leach
08 - A String of Gold Beads 12:02 Read by Eric Leach
09 - The Girl and The Rabbit 19:54 Read by Eric Leach
10 - An Affair With the Caretaker 15:18 Read by Eric Leach
11 - I Receive a Caller 12:32 Read by Eric Leach
12 - I Explore a Passage 14:37 Read by Eric Leach
13 - A Pair of Eavesdroppers 13:47 Read by Eric Leach
14 - The Girl in Gray 16:03 Read by Eric Leach
15 - I Make an Engagement 10:48 Read by Eric Leach
16 - The Passing of Olivia 15:49 Read by Eric Leach
17 - Sister Theresa 14:52 Read by Eric Leach
18 - Golden Butterflies 16:43 Read by Eric Leach
19 - I Meet an Old Friend 17:50 Read by Eric Leach
20 - A Triple Alliance 14:38 Read by Eric Leach
21 - Pickering Serves Notice 11:30 Read by Eric Leach
22 - The Return of Marian Devereux 11:28 Read by Eric Leach
23 - The Door of Bewilderment 18:15 Read by Eric Leach
24 - A Prowler of the Night 13:42 Read by Eric Leach
25 - Besieged 14:35 Read by Eric Leach
26 - The Fight in the Library 25:43 Read by Eric Leach
27 - Changes and Chances 14:22 Read by Eric Leach
28 - Shorter Vistas 8:12 Read by Eric Leach
29 - And So the Light Led Me 14:44 Read by Eric Leach



(5 stars)

How sad am I, to have lived these ?? some odd years, and just now discovered this Author! I laughed, became angry, anxious, excited, all the emotions one can hope to inspire through their story telling, Meredith Nicholson did for me, in Spades! As with so many Great Authors, she did so, posthumously. I'm off, to find more of her work, as it bodes well for my spirit!

Light and Enjoyable

(4.5 stars)

Lovely, light story. I enjoyed the reader and most of the voices he gave to seperate characters: I do wish, however, that the male readers would stop giving their female characters these terrible, high-pitched voices! Aside from that it was perfectly enjoyable!

Awesome reading!

(5 stars)

Reader Eric Leach did a fantastic job with this book! I loved the different voices he adapted for each character and his reading was wonderfully upbeat and entertaining! I look forward to listening to more of your audio book recordings on Librivox.

god that was awesome !!! the reader .

(5 stars)

oh marry i can picture your face in my head through the details lay by this book!!

Deserves A Thousand Stars!

(5 stars)

Wonderful mystery written (and read) at a great pace. A gem!


(5 stars)

What great fun it was to hear this book! It has all the great plot twists to exercise the gray matter, and was nicely read. It is LOL funny in some places, and puts your heart in your throat in others. I feel like a shrine to Bates would be appropriate. ps After reading the other reviews I want to put in my 2 cents about the protagonist. I can't forgive him for having been a hunter, but as far as his character and maturity I say perfect, and I would have married him myself

(3 stars)

Very well read. The story itself is great as a mystery, but the central character leaves a lot to be desired. I lost patience with his juvenile rages and suspicions halfway through the book, but continued to find the answer to the mystery. And in hopes that he would mature somehow.

(4 stars)

Interesting twists and turns. Worth the listen. reader does a great job. The story itself leaves a few characters not completely developed or explained. The lead character does become tiresome with his untrusting character trait. it would have been more interesting if he had grown bit more along his journey.