Short Nonfiction Collection Vol. 019

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A collection of short nonfiction works in the public domain. The selections included in this collection were independently chosen by the readers, and the topics encompass history, literature, travel, science, medicine, war, writing, education, philosophy, and religion. (summary by J. M. Smallheer) (6 hr 29 min)


Argument to Prove that the Abolishing of Christianity in England May, as Things… 33:03 Read by Gregg Margarite (1957-2012)
Conjugal Precepts 45:40 Read by TriciaG
Dante and the Bowery from From History as Literature and Other Essays 17:56 Read by Guero
Ekoniah Scrub: Among Florida Lakes 50:57 Read by Bellona Times
Elephant Hunt 3:35 Read by James Christopher
General Washington and General Jackson, on Negro soldiers 18:53 Read by Guero
The King Follett Discourse 39:20 Read by Nicholas James Bridgewater
Letter to Patrick Henry, March 27, 1779 24:05 Read by Bellona Times
McGuffey's Eclectic Primer, Revised Edition 38:02 Read by Bellona Times
Methods of Wound Treatment, from Manual of Surgery, Vol 1 23:31 Read by Bellona Times
On the Mexican War 23:18 Read by Guero
On the Theory of Compound Colors 8:18 Read by Availle
The Oriental Rose, or, The teachings of Abdul Baha, Chapter 2 24:19 Read by Nicholas James Bridgewater
The Pathless Profession 16:15 Read by Bill Mosley
The Voice and Spiritual Education (opening) 22:22 Read by Martin Geeson