For Treasure Bound

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(4.3 stars; 51 reviews)

For Treasure Bound is one of the earlier novels by Harry Collingwood (William Joseph Cosens Lancaster), published in 1897. We follow the hero, whose name is incidentally also Harry Collingwood, on a quest to the pacific islands for treasure and his marooned father, through all the perils he encounters on his journey, such as pirates, sea monsters, and beautiful young ladies. (Summary by Carolin)

(10 hr 14 min)


The Wreck 16:54 Read by Adrian Wheal
The Secret 17:30 Read by Adrian Wheal
Bob's Proposition 23:41 Read by Adrian Wheal
Our Trial Trip 37:13 Read by Adrian Wheal
A Gale In The Bay Of Biscay 25:24 Read by Adrian Wheal
The Fate of the "Amazon" 23:36 Read by Adrian Wheal
The Sea Serpent 24:34 Read by Ric Cornwall
Bob's Dream 31:19 Read by Ric Cornwall
A Cape Horn Gale 32:36 Read by Chris Pauley
Chased By Pirates 31:21 Read by Mike Wajda
The Chase Diverted 32:57 Read by Chris Donnelly
The Wreck of the "Copernicus" 26:42 Read by Ric Cornwall
A Mirage 45:58 Read by Ken Felt
At Close Quarters With A Shark 22:23 Read by Chris Donnelly
The "Lily" Among Breakers 47:00 Read by Ken Felt
Attacked By Savages 29:35 Read by Ric Cornwall
Important News 31:46 Read by Mike Wajda
Destruction of the "Albatross" 37:52 Read by Ken Felt
My Father 38:59 Read by Ken Felt
The Treasure 37:11 Read by Ken Felt


(4 stars)

I liked the story, however, I almost stopped listening after the first several chapters. The narrator of the first several chapters was excellent, but after that the narrators had poorer sound quality and made some pronunciation errors, especially with nautical terms.


(4 stars)

It is a good book, but only for you if you're into ships ;)

For treasure bound

(4 stars)

good book, good readers :-)