The Call of the Wild (Version 3)

Read by Mark F. Smith

(4.8 stars; 313 reviews)

Buck is living a happy life in California until he is sold to pay a gambling debt. Taken to the Klondike to become a sled dog, Buck must toughen up and learn the harsher rules of survival in the North. One of the first of these is how to deal with being harnessed in the same team as a dog that wants to kill him.

Large, strong and smart, Buck toughens to his new life. But even the toughest dog can be worn down by constant work, and after 3,000 miles of pulling sleds, Buck nears the end of his rope.

Cast away as no longer useful, Buck is acquired by greenhorns whose inexperience nearly kills him, but after being saved by John Thornton, he at last finds a man he can love.

Then on a remote gold-hunting expedition, Buck hears a call emanating from the woods and speaking to the wild heart of his distant ancestors. The lure of it almost balances the great love he bears for Thornton, but events take him away from his old life... and into legend. (summary by Mark F. Smith)

(3 hr 24 min)


01 - Into the Primitive 23:59 Read by Mark F. Smith
02 - The Law of Club and Fang 21:11 Read by Mark F. Smith
03 - The Dominant Primordial Beast 33:10 Read by Mark F. Smith
04 - Who Has Won to Mastership 20:29 Read by Mark F. Smith
05 - The Toil of Trace and Trail 35:05 Read by Mark F. Smith
06 - For the Love of a Man 30:37 Read by Mark F. Smith
07 - The Sounding of the Call 39:46 Read by Mark F. Smith


fantastic reader - a dogs life

(3 stars)

the reader did a fantastic job! clear voice & great volume. voicing characters as well. the book is a classic and required reading for most middle/high school age children in the united states. the book is about the life of a dog and told from his viewpoint, so children may enjoy the book more than adults, but there is plenty for adults to enjoy as well. the book has a lot of animal attack violence described and animal cruelty and death of animals at the hands of humans - so it may be a little to much for some readers to handle.

Highly recommended.

(5 stars)

Top-Notch reading job by Mark F. Smith. It's no surprise he was offered and accepted a chance to do a book professionally. (Which I learned from his blog page. Way to go Mark!!) His reading just flows beautifully with nice inflexions at all the right moments and it's all done so naturally with nothing forced. What a great book it is too, seeing the world through the dog's mind as he toils in the wilds during the gold rush. It doesn't get any better than this, folks!!!

(5 stars)

I first read this when I was a boy in 1970's. Mark F Smith brought this wonderful tale to life with his brilliant and perfectly paced narration. Listening to this book being read so well brought all the same enjoyment garnered from my first reading. This and White Fang are a must for dog lovers of all ages.

Great story and excellent reading

(5 stars)

It had been a long time since I had read this book, but it is always good. Mark Smith does a great job of reading with emotion and bringing each character to life. He reads at a good speed and his voice is easy to listen to. Very enjoyable!

Mark Smith is Excellent

(5 stars)

I've listened to several of Mark Smith's readings and have loved every single one. He differentiates between character's voices and has good intonation. The book itself was interesting. I liked that the main character was Buck and that his perspective was expressed so well by London.


(4.5 stars)

Mark F Smith impresses again. What a great story; told in a highly engaging manner. My husband and I and my kids aged 6 + loved it. Thank you Mr Smith! Keep up the amazing work.

Masterfully done.

(5 stars)

perfectly written for spellbound reading even emotionally rendering at times and even more so masterfully read by Mark Smith, pitch accents and voice all crisp clear and well paced. Well done, was a great listen!!

Great story

(5 stars)

Really great story about the life of Buck, a fog at the time of the gold rush. Well read, the narrator has a great voice adding to an enjoyable read. Well worth the listen.