Short Poetry Collection 091

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This is a collection of poems read by LibriVox volunteers for the month of September and October 2010. (0 hr 48 min)


All Last Night 1:02 Read by Roseanne Schmidt
The Apostasy 3:25 Read by Algy Pug
Break of Day in the Trenches 2:02 Read by Martin Geeson
City Trees 0:48 Read by kittyandcheese
Conscious 1:09 Read by Winston Tharp
Discipline 3:23 Read by asevers
Earth's Answer 1:00 Read by Ian S. Carr
Ethnogenesis 1:54 Read by Readalot
A Face From The Past 1:42 Read by Garth Burton
February in Rome 1:14 Read by Bellona Times
Greater Love 1:25 Read by Winston Tharp
Hope and Despair 0:52 Read by Roseanne Schmidt
Huswifery 1:14 Read by Eliza
Hymn to Love 2:32 Read by Roseanne Schmidt
The Last Quarter of the Moon 2:31 Read by Leonard Wilson
Life 1:44 Read by Happy1
Life's Harmonies 1:12 Read by J. Lytle
Love of Life 1:21 Read by Emily Eklund
Love's Philosophy 1:04 Read by Julie VW
A Mad Poem Addressed to my Nephew and Niece 1:45 Read by Naoko Kensaku
One Hour to Madness and Joy 2:33 Read by LetterMan
Phorphyria's Lover 2:19 Read by T. D. Scott
Psalm 1 1:10 Read by Eden
Returning, We Hear the Larks 1:45 Read by Martin Geeson
The Road Not Taken 1:12 Read by RC
Roses Can Wound 0:51 Read by Roseanne Schmidt
Sonnet XCIX from Caelica 1:59 Read by Heather Thompson
Sonnet 1:09 Read by Algy Pug
To Age 1:18 Read by Garth Burton
To a Skylark 1:17 Read by longunman