The Skylark of Space

Read by Richard Kilmer

(4.5 stars; 229 reviews)

The novel begins with the accidental discovery, in a Government laboratory in Washington D. C., of a form of clean nuclear power. Our hero, Dr. Richard Seaton, uses this power to build first a flying belt and then an interstellar spaceship. He later discovers that the process operates by generation and manipulation of gravity fields. When his government coworkers do not believe him, Seaton acquires rights to his discovery from the government and commercializes it with the aid of his friend, millionaire inventor Martin Crane. A former colleague, Dr. Marc DuQuesne, joins with the unscrupulous World Steel Corporation to try to steal Seaton's invention. The resulting conflict escalates, as Seaton and Duquesne develop greater and greater technical capabilities and enlist more and more powerful alien races as allies.. (Summary by Wikipedia)

(9 hr 22 min)


01 - The Occurrence of the Impossible 6:49 Read by Richard Kilmer
02 - Steel Becomes Interested 23:51 Read by Richard Kilmer
03 - Seaton Solves the Problem of Power 35:23 Read by Richard Kilmer
04 - Steel Liberates Energy Unexpectedly 29:44 Read by Richard Kilmer
05 - Direct Action 26:50 Read by Richard Kilmer
06 - The Object Compass at Work 30:32 Read by Richard Kilmer
07 - The Trial Voyage 30:44 Read by Richard Kilmer
08 - Indirect Action 17:39 Read by Richard Kilmer
09 - Lost in Space 43:55 Read by Richard Kilmer
10 - The Rescue 30:12 Read by Richard Kilmer
11 - Through Space into the Carboniferous 48:32 Read by Richard Kilmer
12 - The Mastery of Mind Over Matter 22:31 Read by Richard Kilmer
13 - Nalboon of Mardonale 35:07 Read by Richard Kilmer
14 - Nalboon Unmasked 32:53 Read by Richard Kilmer
15 - The Escape from Mardonale 37:20 Read by Richard Kilmer
16 - An Osnomain Marriage 40:24 Read by Richard Kilmer
17 - Bird, Beast, or Fish? 28:54 Read by Richard Kilmer
18 - The Invasion 29:13 Read by Richard Kilmer
19 - The Return to Earth 12:02 Read by Richard Kilmer


What a lark is “The Skylark of Space”!

(4 stars)

What a lark is “The Skylark of Space”! The story alternates from hard sci-fi of the time (circa WWI) to laughable fantasy. But fun nevertheless, and worth a listen for a window into our swashbuckling Edisonade sci-fi past. There was more science behind it then Star Wars, so if you could suspend your disbelief and watch those movies, you will likely enjoy this. Morally, well it is a product of its times. Genocide does seem to be considered an acceptable solution to a warlike race. A few other things might receive warnings, But then there are the basic threads of loyalty to others, romantic fidelity, and a desire for justice and fair play. So chew on the meat and spit out the bones. Have fun!

Skylark #1 first, last and always!

(5 stars)

This is wonderful classic SciFi..Crane and Seaton, after. tangling with World Steel (WS a facless, ruthless and greedy multinational corporation ) have finally completed there second larger, safer space craft the Skylark. Unfortunately instead of there planned extended shake down flight and well general skylarking about, they have save Dorthy from the clutches of Blacky Du-Caine and World Steel! There's action, corruption and look at one mans vision of space flight and relationships/with other interstellar species. also a peak back at the prevailing social and racial conditions that were.the norm at the time the story was written. There's no way around it, this is well written and insightful. Both which makes it one of those books that is a must read ( in this case hear) !

Good old scifi

(4 stars)

Enjoyed the story. Lots of grand optimism about great adventure. I enjoyed the verbage from the time period it was written. The reader did a fairly good job but it was distracting his facilitating in pronouncing Seaton as "sea"ton or "satan"

Stunning Read ... Great Adventure

(5 stars)

I loved the story very much. it had something for everyone. Science, War and yes even Romance. Thank you very much for this fine gift of entertainment!!

great story

(5 stars)

fantastic story and I suggest people be grateful for librivox even if you don't care for the readings because this is over £19 pound on audible.

The Skylark of Space

(5 stars)

Well read. Entertaining fun story with good plot story line with a sardonic twist in the finest example of SciFi stories. Much enjoyed, thanks!


(5 stars)

a great nostalgic story (not from my generation though) wonderfully told. truly fantastic. I especially liked the old sayings and terminology that was used.

Oh wow

(4.5 stars)

Great sci-fi for an antique. I love antiques. As always, Mr. Kilmer read excellently.