The Warlord of Mars

Read by JD Weber

(4.6 stars; 530 reviews)

Warlord of Mars is a Edgar Rice Burroughs science fiction novel, the third of his famous Barsoom series. John Carter continues his quest to be reunited with his wife, the princess Dejah Thoris, and discovers more fantastic creatures and ancient mysterious Martian races. (Summary from Wikipedia)

(5 hr 23 min)


01 On the River Iss 21:26 Read by JD Weber
02 Under the Mountains 22:23 Read by JD Weber
03 The Temple of the Sun 18:43 Read by JD Weber
04 The Secret Tower 21:57 Read by JD Weber
05 On the Kaolian Road 24:52 Read by JD Weber
06 A Hero in Kaol 18:22 Read by JD Weber
07 New Allies 21:04 Read by JD Weber
08 Through the Carrion Caves 22:44 Read by JD Weber
09 With the Yellow Men 19:12 Read by JD Weber
10 In Durance 18:32 Read by JD Weber
11 The Pit of Plenty 19:06 Read by JD Weber
12 Follow the Rope 19:36 Read by JD Weber
13 The Magnet Switch 20:12 Read by JD Weber
14 The Tide of Battle 15:25 Read by JD Weber
15 Rewards 18:57 Read by JD Weber
16 The New Ruler 21:07 Read by Kara Shallenberg



(4 stars)

Love the book. Love love love it. Love the whole series, actually. Of the recording, I would say thank you to JD Webber for his perseverance. I nitpicked at his pronunciation of names and certain specific words, but that's just part and parcel of having me in the audience. ;)

last chapter

(4.5 stars)

interesting conclusion to the trilogy. I only wish that Webber had narrated the final chapter or at least it should have been a male voice to represent John Carter. That said the lady narrator was very good.

Great fun. action, danger, romance and more!

(5 stars)

Everything you could wish for. The little kid in you comes alive listening. You want to get your stick sword and trash can lid and have at it with your friends.

Great read, but the story is so-so

(3 stars)

To me, this story in the series became tiresome. Frankly, the ominpotence of our hero becomes a little too extreme for me in this story, and the science fiction aspect of it all has practically vanished. JD, on the other hand, has at this point become an accomplished reader, and it's sad that he has stopped submitting stuff for LibriVox.

try version 2

(2 stars)

I disliked very much the readers voice and pace. I felt like I was listening more to a textbook read rather than a adventure story. version 2 of this book is a much better reader

warlord of Mars

(3 stars)

The mispronunciations drove me batty! The timber of the readers was pleasant overall and the pace was consistent and appropriate....but one reader had some trouble with certain words and that adversely affected the experience.

incomplete recording

(0.5 stars)

The beginning of the book and each subsequent chapter (except the last) is cut off. The recordings begin at least a paragraph into each chapter, sometimes missing entire battles.

part of the series

(3 stars)

Started fresh but author punishes reader with regurgitation until it becomes unbearably heroic, however, its book 3. Read through 2nd rescue attempt then skip to ch 15.