Mothering on Perilous

Read by Laura Victoria

(4.7 stars; 17 reviews)

Cecelia Loring is alone in the world after the death of her mother and has come to the Kentucky mountains in search of work. Although very depressed from her loss she soon becomes caretaker of the garden at a school and not many days later finds herself quite busy as housemother to a group of energetic boys that keep running away from the school because of homesickness, especially Nucky, who seems to have the weight of the world on his shoulders, worrying about not being at home to help his brother Blant "keep lookout" for the Cheevers, who have been at war with the Marrses for years over a piece of land. Can she find a way to make the boys feel at home so they will stay and get an education? And can they begin to help her heal the broken places in her heart?

Lucy Furman based several of her novels, including Mothering on Perilous, on her years as a teacher and housemother at the Hindman Settlement School in Kentucky. Through her experiences at the school her writing vividly portrays the beauty, but also the harshness of mountain life. (summary by Laura Victoria) (4 hr 39 min)


01 - Arrival on Perilous 5:39 Read by Laura Victoria
02 - Getting Acquainted 6:06 Read by Laura Victoria
03 - Acquiring a Family 17:13 Read by Laura Victoria
04 - War, not Peace 7:40 Read by Laura Victoria
05 - Getting Better Acquainted 6:54 Read by Laura Victoria
06 - A Trade and Other Matters 8:10 Read by Laura Victoria
07 - Heroes and Hero Worship 5:18 Read by Laura Victoria
08 - Dress, Chivalry and the Trojan War 11:38 Read by Laura Victoria
09 - More Trading, and Some Family History 8:18 Read by Laura Victoria
10 - About Mothers 8:25 Read by Laura Victoria
11 - Over on Trigger 15:07 Read by Laura Victoria
12 - The Fightingest Boy 6:38 Read by Laura Victoria
13 - Around the Fire 16:06 Read by Laura Victoria
14 - The Visit Home, and the Funeral Occasion 15:40 Read by Laura Victoria
15 - Trouble on Trigger and Elsewhere 11:38 Read by Laura Victoria
16 - Filial Piety and Croup 5:12 Read by Laura Victoria
17 - Blessings and Hatings 7:27 Read by Laura Victoria
18 - Christmas Anticipations 8:30 Read by Laura Victoria
19 - Christmas and Danger 10:23 Read by Laura Victoria
20 - War and Worse on Trigger 8:29 Read by Laura Victoria
21 - Suspense 7:58 Read by Laura Victoria
22 - The 'Eech,' and Tragedy 13:00 Read by Laura Victoria
23 - Despair, and Budding Romance 11:33 Read by Laura Victoria
24 - The Babe 10:49 Read by Laura Victoria
25 - Change and Growth 10:03 Read by Laura Victoria
26 - 'Marvles' and Marvels 10:32 Read by Laura Victoria
27 - Transformation 9:07 Read by Laura Victoria
28 - 'Keeps' 7:00 Read by Laura Victoria
29 - Liberty and New Life 9:22 Read by Laura Victoria


Great autobiography!

(5 stars)

I would NEVER have selected a book titled, "Mothering on Perilous". Sounds pretty tame to me. But from the very start, you are going to have to hold on to your hat during this whirlwind of an autobiography. I listened to it because I am a big fan of the narrator. Laura Victoria (aka Laura Caldwell) is hands down the best narrator on LibriVox. I have listened to other narrators trying to follow all the rules to be a good reader, but try as they may, they do not come close. It takes a big helping of God-given talent. If there is one thing that tops being a good narrator, it is the ability to select which books to narrate. While Laura has geared her books toward young people, I can attest that every one of her book selections are jaw-dropping stunning.

Lovely story!

(4.5 stars)

I enjoyed this much more than I expected to at first, and found myself rooting heartily for this teacher grew to love! It was an enchanting, humorous, occasionally dreadful tale...and by the end, I'd grown to love the boys, too. An insightful glimpse into a way of life, a part of history and a section of the country that I know little about, this reminded me a bit of Christy by Catherine Marshall. Many thanks to the talented reader, whose every single word you will easily understand!


(5 stars)

The harsh reality of the Kentucky hill folks is vividly produced in this narrative of a teacher who loves the wild young boys she is to educate. Getting their interest in a subject or even bathing is the first obstacle she must surmount. It’s a gripping tale that will make you laugh and perhaps cry at the often cruelly harsh way of life in the mountains. I couldn’t put it down. Many thanks to the narrator who read with sympathy and compassion.

Different title....more understandable once u get into the story

(5 stars)

Great story of hill country lives and a wonderful woman who took on role of being "mother"to several boys and getting involved in their luves....trying to teach life lessons with sometimes hilarious results. Also, I can't see what I'm typing, don't know why.....I have really enjoyed listening to This book. Would love to read and hear more. Wonder if this is based on true story? Excellent narration.