Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1904

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(4.6 stars; 149 reviews)

Lucy Maud Montgomery (L.M. Montgomery) was a prolific Canadian writer of books and short stories for children and adults during the first half of the twentieth century. Her writings, frequently set in Prince Edward Island where she was born and grew up, helped to put Canada on the literary map and made her a famous and beloved author, both during her own life and after her death. She published hundreds of short stories and twenty novels; her public-domain short stories have been collected in chronological order by Project Gutenberg. This project consists of stories published in 1904.

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(Summary by Project Gutenberg) (5 hr 12 min)


A Fortunate Mistake 11:08 Read by Andee
An Unpremeditated Ceremony 26:37 Read by Beverly Scott
At the Bay Shore Farm 18:19 Read by Matthew Matusiewicz
Elizabeth's Child 32:02 Read by Beverly Scott
Freda's Adopted Grave 13:00 Read by Jill Preston
How Don Was Saved 17:26 Read by Jill Preston
Miss Madeline's Proposal 14:46 Read by Jill Preston
Miss Sally's Company 17:19 Read by RheaShalini
Mrs. March's Revenge 18:16 Read by Adam Whybray
Nan 13:23 Read by Sarah Jennings
Natty of Blue Point 16:20 Read by Anthony Lee
Penelope's Party Waist 17:11 Read by Cata
The Girl and The Wild Race 19:42 Read by Megan A. Behl
Promise of Lucy Ellen 19:39 Read by itskitty
The Pursuit of the Ideal 11:45 Read by realisticspeakers
The Softening of Miss Cynthia 16:13 Read by Meadow
Them Notorious Pigs 15:33 Read by Gabriel Glenn
Why Not Ask Miss Price? 13:42 Read by Phil Chenevert



(3 stars)

It's interesting to see how Montgomery's writing progresses by listening to these collection of short stories, and you can hear bits and pieces that make their way into the later full length books of Anne, Emily, and others. Beverly Scott's readings were beautiful and I hope to find more of her work. However, some of the readers of this particular collection are so terrible that I have to just skip their stories. One reader cannot even properly pronounce the name of the main character in the story. I guess no one else had submitted a reading of those chapters.

Love Them!!!!!

(4.5 stars)

I just LOVE these stories! Some of the readers are very hard to listen to, and I had to skip the chapters. The other stories are amazing though! LibriVox is wonderful!

(5 stars)

Lovely stories, however some of the readers really need to be interviewed first because their pronunciation was far out in a couple of cases. Otherwise, I'm super grateful to Librivox for the opportunity to listen.

short stories

(5 stars)

Some readers are challenging to listen to, and some have background noise. But I love the stories and am grateful to have libravox

(3 stars)

I love everything that I've ever read by Lucy Maud Montgomery, but some of the readers make it painful to listen to this selection.

great book, but some of the readings??

(4 stars)

Did theyveven get reviewed? Some of these readers are totally incomprehensible! Some are excellent as well

because I could not understand some of your readers.

(2 stars)

Delightful as as all her other books!

(5 stars)