Ralestone Luck

Read by Gabriel Glenn

(4.4 stars; 85 reviews)

Rupert Ralestone is officially the Marquess of Lorne--but with no family money or prestige, the title is worthless. He and his younger brother and sister return to the old family homestead--Pirate's Haven. Their only hope is to find the family's talisman, a great sword, and restore it to its proper place.

(5 hr 52 min)


The Ralestones Come Home 23:01 Read by Gabriel Glenn
The Luck of the Lords of Lorne 20:52 Read by Gabriel Glenn
The Ralestones Entertain an Unobtrusive Visitor 23:37 Read by Gabriel Glenn
Pistols for Two -- Coffee for One 20:59 Read by Gabriel Glenn
Their Tenant Discovers the Ralestones 21:06 Read by Gabriel Glenn
Satan Goes A-Hunting and Finds Work for Idle Hands 20:25 Read by Gabriel Glenn
By Our Luck! 20:38 Read by Gabriel Glenn
Great-Uncle Rick Walks the Hall 21:24 Read by Gabriel Glenn
Portrait of a Lady and a Gentleman 19:59 Read by Gabriel Glenn
Into the Swamp 18:55 Read by Gabriel Glenn
Ralestones to the Rescue! 19:29 Read by Gabriel Glenn
The Ralestones Bring Home a Reluctant Guest 18:24 Read by Gabriel Glenn
On Such a Night as This -- 20:26 Read by Gabriel Glenn
Pirate Ways are Hidden Ways 20:54 Read by Gabriel Glenn
Pieces of Eight -- Ralestones' Fate! 14:24 Read by Gabriel Glenn
Ralestones Stand Together 20:05 Read by Gabriel Glenn
The Return of Rick Ralestone 18:36 Read by Gabriel Glenn
Rupert Brings Home His Marchioness 9:07 Read by Gabriel Glenn


Another entertaining short story by Andre Norton

(4.5 stars)

I am amazed every time I listen to a story by this author, no matter what the genre her attention to detail and imagination is always entertaining. She was a very talented and imaginative writer in many a diverse topic or genre.

Adventure in the deep South

(4 stars)

Enjoyable adventure story set in New Orleans, complete with secret compartments, hidden tunnels, missing treasure, and long-lost heirs.

Really enjoyed it. Fun, fast moving story that is nicely read.

(4 stars)

Unusual story from Andre Norton

(5 stars)

I am used to sci-fis, but this is still good. This is a light-hearted mystery surrounding the Ralestone's missing luck - a pirate's sword. The current residents are threatened by a rival for the ownership of the homestead, and a ghost seems to be roaming the halls. That should keep a family busy. Enter in a young man living in the swamps, and a nearby tenant, and a family who has always lived on and worked the land, and you have a nice host of characters to make for interesting reading. I enjoyed it. Reader did a nice job, no complaints.

somewhat meh

(2 stars)

This story did not flow all that we'll for me. I prefer the space scifi writing of this author.