The Garden Behind the Moon: A Real Story of the Moon Angel

Read by Laura Victoria

(4.8 stars; 10 reviews)

David goes on a journey to the moon-garden where everything is beautiful and where he also meets Phyllis who is not like the other children in the garden. While he is allowed to play in this beautiful place for awhile, he at last finds out that he has been brought there to reveal his true mission, which is to find the Wonder-Box and the Know-All Book that is hidden in the Iron Castle and bring them back to earth. In order to find the Iron Castle, he must first find and tame the Black Winged Horse. Will he be able to succeed at the task given him? (Summary by Laura Victoria)

(3 hr 16 min)


Forward 3:55 Read by Laura Victoria
The Princess Aurelia 4:04 Read by Laura Victoria
The Moon-Calf 4:22 Read by Laura Victoria
The Man Who Knew Less Than Nothing 9:10 Read by Laura Victoria
David in the Water 9:07 Read by Laura Victoria
The Moon-Angel 12:28 Read by Laura Victoria
The Moon-House 17:03 Read by Laura Victoria
The Moon-Garden 22:54 Read by Laura Victoria
Phyllis 8:05 Read by Laura Victoria
The Last Play-Day 13:43 Read by Laura Victoria
Behind the Moon-Angel 10:12 Read by Laura Victoria
The Land of Nowhere 16:09 Read by Laura Victoria
The Black Winged Horse 8:19 Read by Laura Victoria
The Iron Castle 3:55 Read by Laura Victoria
The Iron Man 9:47 Read by Laura Victoria
The Escape 9:41 Read by Laura Victoria
Back to the Moon-House 12:33 Read by Laura Victoria
David 5:12 Read by Laura Victoria
The King's Messenger 9:59 Read by Laura Victoria
Princess Aurelia 5:47 Read by Laura Victoria


An intriguing fantasy story for children

(5 stars)

I listened to this story twice; the first time in the mindset of an 8 year old listening to a child’s fantasy story. But aspects of this tail nagged me. I listened to it a second time; this time as a fairly educated adult. Just who is the Moon Angel? Of course! It’s quite plain, and the realization made a chill go up my spine. One appearance of the Moon Angel depicts him in all his fierce wonder with a five letter word across his breast. Can you guess what that word was? It is true; the Moon Angel will one day appear to all of us, and when he calls, we must come. It is clear the author knew his Greek Mythology, for his tale incorporates Pandora’s Box and Pegasus. He must also have known about the Indian deity Shiva, for he is perspicacious enough to comprehend that the Moon Angel’s role as the Destroyer is not malevolent, but a necessary aspect of creation. It is quite clear that the author abhorred slavery, which was practiced in America during his lifetime. He imbues this abhorrence in his young readers quite graphically, which is the only way this subject should be presented to youth. Howard Pyle was a spiritual person who pokes fun at the learned humanist of his day, depicting them as naysayers with not one, but two reading glasses on their noses (from studying too much). If you listen to this book, you will discover that Howard Pyle is one of the most romantic authors you will ever find. Do you know Howard Pyle? If you have ever read or seen movies about Robyn Hood or King Arthur, then you do know him. He was also a consummate book illustrator and you may want to look at his work on Google. Laura Victoria does a great job as reader!

Not for young children!!!

(3 stars)

Reader did her usual outstanding job. Story is less fantastical than I expected. But still, a good listen. HOWEVER, therr is one small section regarding the death of a black slave wpman and the apparently intentional drowning of her baby that makes it completely inappropriate for child, imnsho.

Required reading.

(5 stars)

Although this text moves a little slowly sometimes or is a bit repetitive in some sections, there are many fundamental ideas in this writing which are sadly overlooked nowadays. I felt it was an excellent story about a boy (our unlikely hero) who is a little different, a little off, a little weird, a little too much this or a little too less of that. Reading between the lines is what this whole book is about. It is a story about how to look for the light in everyone and recognize that even though they may act differently, look different than the "average" person, face different challenges, etc., they are worth more than what is seen on the surface. Beautifully written.

(5 stars)

such a beautiful story and very well read