Short Story Collection Vol. 048

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.8 stars; 6 reviews)

LibriVox’s Short Story Collection 048: a collection of 19 short works of fiction in the public domain read by a group of LibriVox members. (6 hr 17 min)


After Twenty Years -2 7:58 Read by Kamna
The Assembly Trench 18:51 Read by Andy Minter (1934-2017)
The Beggar 14:25 Read by Leonard Wilson
The Curate's Friend 16:23 Read by Elizabeth Klett
When Father brought Home the Lamp 24:48 Read by Pentti Hirvonen
The Fool-Killer 16:24 Read by Lonelle Yoder
The Fullness of Life 24:16 Read by Elizabeth Klett
The Jericho Road 9:27 Read by Bill Mosley
Just Meat 36:07 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Make Westing 18:10 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Mrs. Manstey's View 23:12 Read by Elizabeth Klett
A Nose for the King 11:28 Read by Don W. Jenkins
The Ogress of Silver Land; or The Diverting History of Prince Badfellah and Pri… 12:46 Read by Don W. Jenkins
The Other Side of the Hedge 13:59 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Pots o' Money 38:31 Read by Karen Fifer
The Verdict 22:28 Read by Elizabeth Klett
The Wedding Knell 23:35 Read by dave k
The Widow Ho 28:28 Read by Bellona Times
The Wind-Gnome 16:01 Read by Bellona Times