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"There's some reaction these days that holds scientists responsible for war. Take it one step further: What happens if "book-learnin'" is held responsible ...?" (quote from Astounding Science Fiction, Feb 1953) (3 hr 33 min)


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Interesting take

(5 stars)

Excellent reading. Quite a statement of attitudes towards classes in keeping people divided by going backwards in educating classes of society

(5 stars)

fun story with twists and turns.

Future history book

(5 stars)

So much of this book either has happened or is in the process of coming to fruition. Its terrifying while entertaining. In a age where public schools have been infested with social Marxists that are ex weatherman terrorists & a mass dumbing down/brain washing campaign designed to sexualize kids while making sure they are functionally illiterate & enumerate. This dystopian view of the future may be well on its way to fruition.

great story!

(5 stars)

Another interesting book from H. Beam Piper. I like the way it challenges what we think of as a standard in reading. The reader did a great job also!

very relevant

(5 stars)

with jabs at education and politics, this book addresses relevant issues. it's hard to believe that it was written over 50 years ago. Excellent job by the reader

(5 stars)

I've listened to all the stories on here by H. B. Piper. This one, and "Space Viking" are my two favorites. As always, this reader is awesome!


(5 stars)

Narrator is excellent! The story is clever and still holds relevance today. Thoroughly enjoyable

great satire

(5 stars)

Excellent send-up of the idiocy of progressive education and its consequences.