The Secret Garden (version 3)

Read by ashleighjane

(4.8 stars; 99 reviews)

When Mary Lennox, who has been brought up in India in a spoiled manner, is orphaned she has to move to Yorkshire, England, to live with her uncle in Misselthwaite Manor. Here she is treated much differently than she was in India - she is able to make friends with children her own age, one of these being her sickly cousin, Colin Craven (Introduction by ashleighjane) (7 hr 15 min)


There is No One Left 10:34 Read by ashleighjane
Mistress Mary Quite Contrary 14:06 Read by ashleighjane
Across the Moors 7:37 Read by ashleighjane
Martha 27:28 Read by ashleighjane
The Cry in the Corridor 11:40 Read by ashleighjane
"There Was Someone Crying - There Was!" 11:46 Read by ashleighjane
The Key to the Garden 10:51 Read by ashleighjane
The Robin Who Showed the Way 14:32 Read by ashleighjane
The Strangest House Any One Ever Lived In 16:39 Read by ashleighjane
Dickon 20:45 Read by ashleighjane
The Nest of the Missel Thrush 13:32 Read by ashleighjane
"Might I Have a Bit of Earth?" 14:10 Read by ashleighjane
"I am Colin" 22:40 Read by ashleighjane
A Young Rajah 19:54 Read by ashleighjane
Nest Building 20:00 Read by ashleighjane
"I Won't!" Said Mary 12:01 Read by ashleighjane
A Tantrum 12:19 Read by ashleighjane
""Tha' Munnot Waste No Time" 11:48 Read by ashleighjane
"It Has Come!" 18:30 Read by ashleighjane
"I Shall Live Forever - and Ever - and Ever!" 13:58 Read by ashleighjane
Ben Weatherstaff 18:43 Read by ashleighjane
When the Sun Went Down 9:36 Read by ashleighjane
Magic 22:32 Read by ashleighjane
"Let Them Laugh" 21:20 Read by ashleighjane
The Curtain 12:23 Read by ashleighjane
"It's Mother!" 17:06 Read by ashleighjane
In the Garden 29:01 Read by ashleighjane


Beautiful story and superb reading

(5 stars)

I listen to this every spring. Love the reader's voice and presentation. Stands apart from most other librivox recordings I heard to date.

Amazing story, so inspirational

(5 stars)

This book and it's engaging reader brought tears of joy, smiles and laughter. What an experience.

Very Good

(5 stars)

If you believe it to be, so shall it be.

A very happy tale! Loved this.

(5 stars)

Makes much more sense than the films, and magnificent reader!

(5 stars)

Thank you for this wonderful reading. Just like with the recording of A Little Princess, I found myself equally as relaxed, comforted, and encouraged with this beautiful story. The author's bit of summary/moral/explanation given in the first part of the last chapter makes the whole story make sense. Something they couldn't do in the movie. And what a precious and beautiful commentary on MOTHERHOOD. All very sweet and moving. The reader does a accents wonderful job of switching back and forth between subtle differences in various British accents. Many bits and pieces of explanation throughout the book would have been lost on me had it not been for her marvelous interpretive skills! Had I attempted to read this myself rather than listen to this excellent reader, there would have been quite a few puzzling moments! A thousand thanks!💖

Great Story and A Learning Reader

(4 stars)

The story is wonderful!! The reader isn’t the absolute best and perfect I’ve ever heard, but she does a pretty good job. There’s some background noise at times, sometimes she pauses/stutters. But not bad enough to switch readers!

Better than I remembered

(5 stars)

I first read this book as a young boy of 9 back in 1977. decided to listen to it here. truly a timeless classic and Ashley Jane gives an excellent read.

A joyful story

(5 stars)

This was a lovely story and the narration was exceptional. I wished it could have went on longer.