The Return of the Soul

Read by Roger Melin

(3.9 stars; 22 reviews)

Can the soul of the dead come back to haunt the one who was responsible for its death? What would happen if the responsible one did not believe it could be so, and yet was in love with the returned soul? The Return of the Soul is a horror story of a man who is visited by the returning soul of a deceased, and who has some very perplexing issues to deal with upon that return. (Introduction by Roger Melin) (2 hr 20 min)


Chapter 1 29:14 Read by Roger Melin
Chapter 2 28:25 Read by Roger Melin
Chapter 3 1:02:38 Read by Roger Melin
Chapter 4 19:52 Read by Roger Melin


original and entertaining

(5 stars)

A great story. It rolls on at a good pace , keeping the interest by injecting occasional clues to the final outcome. The characters are well developed and the reader excellently brings them to life. I wondered why I did not know the author so ' Googled ' him . He was homosexual , so perhaps despised in the unenlightened times in which he lived . I shall definitely be reading more of his work which is prolific. Hope our narrators record more.

The Return of the Soul

(5 stars)

I had read the book and to hear it so well read was a pleasure.

Lovely to listen!

(5 stars)

Good story. Beautifully read. Thank you, i enjoyed it very much and passed it on.

(3 stars)

great job from Roger. couldn't get into the story.