Theological Orations

Read by Jonathan Lange

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After the death of the Arian Emperor Valens, the synod of Antioch in 379 asked Gregory to help resurrect Constantinople to Nicene orthodoxy. While the most important churches were still headed by Arian bishops, Gregory transformed his cousin's villa into the Anastasia chapel. From this little chapel he delivered five powerful discourses on Nicene doctrine, explaining the nature of the Trinity and the unity of the Godhead. These are called the "Theological Orations." By the time he left Constantinople two years later, there did not remain one Arian church in all of the city. (Jonathan Lange). (4 hr 7 min)


1 - Oration XXVII 20:24 Read by Jonathan Lange
2 - Oration XXVIII 1:08:39 Read by Jonathan Lange
3 - Oration XXIX 50:20 Read by Jonathan Lange
4 - Oration XXX 46:49 Read by Jonathan Lange
5 - Oration XXXII 1:01:03 Read by Jonathan Lange


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Thank you, this is an exceptional recording.

Great Explication of the Trinity

(5 stars)

This is largely a series of lectures defending the intelligibility and truth of the Christian doctrine of the divine Trinity, from opponents who claim it to be false or unintelligible, and St Gregory does an admirable job doing so with a variety of arguments, written with elegance.

well done

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Thank you Mr. Lang for taking the time to record these important teachings.