The Flower Garden: A Handbook of Practical Garden Lore

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(4.8 stars; 8 reviews)

This book is a good reference on the perennial flower gardening and landscaping. It contains information on growing the plants from seed and explains how to grow and care for the traditional garden flowering plants, bulbs, trees, and shrubs. There are sections covering all aspects of ornamental gardens including water gardens and caring for house plants in the winter. The author has lots of unexpected but good advice in her chapter of Don’ts, for example: “ Don’t supply with cut flowers, plants and the like, people who spend more money for unnecessary luxuries than you do for your whole garden, and then tell you how foolish you are to spend so much time and money, and work so hard for your flowers.” As this shows, the author is at times as colorful as the flowers in this informative book (Summary by A.L. Gramour) (6 hr 26 min)


The Location and Arrangement of the Garden 21:40 Read by Mark Mickelson
Soils 9:51 Read by Esther
Fertilizers 10:02 Read by Garth Burton
The Hotbed, Cold-Frame and Sand-Box 17:09 Read by Garth Burton
Purchasing of Seeds 18:31 Read by Esther
Starting Seeds in Flats 7:11 Read by Esther
Transplanting and Repotting 14:17 Read by Mark Mickelson
House-Plants from Seeds 37:40 Read by Amy Gramour
Outside Window-Boxes 13:37 Read by Esther
Various Annuals from Seed 45:28 Read by Amy Gramour
Vines 24:04 Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)
Ornamental Foliage Plants from Seed 6:57 Read by Elizabeth Hartwig
Bulbous and Tuberous - Rooted Plants 29:49 Read by Janet
Aquatics 11:22 Read by Garth Burton
The Care of the Summer Rose-Bed 8:40 Read by Mark Mickelson
The Hardy Lily-Bed 9:47 Read by Janet
The Care of Cannas, Caladiums, Dahlias, and Other Bulbs During Winter 16:52 Read by Janet
Hardy Shrubs and Plants for Fall Planting 11:22 Read by Mark Mickelson
Winter Protection 6:50 Read by Garth Burton
The Care of House-Plants in Winter 13:04 Read by Esther
Common and English Names of Flowers 21:52 Read by Amy Gramour
Blooming Season of Various Trees, Shrubs, and Plants 10:00 Read by Amy Gramour
A Chapter of Odds and Ends 11:07 Read by E.Lee
A Chapter of Don'ts 8:59 Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)



(5 stars)

A wonderful guide for beginners