The Light of Egypt Volume II

Read by Jill Preston

(3.7 stars; 57 reviews)

"The Light of Egypt" will be found to be an Occult library in itself, a textbook of esoteric knowledge, setting forth the "wisdom Religion" of life, as taught by the Adepts of Hermetic Philosophy. It will richly repay all who are seeking the higher life to carefully study this book, as it contains in a nutshell the wisdom of the ages regarding man and his destiny, here and hereafter. The London and American first edition, also the French edition, Vol. I, met with lively criticism from Blavatsky Theosophists, because it annihilates that agreeable delusion of "Karma" and "Reincarnation" from the minds of all lovers of truth for truth's sake. "The Tablets of Aeth" is a great and mighty work, as it contains the very quintessence of Occult and Hermetic philosophy, as revealed by spiritual law. "Penetralia" is a new revelation, and invaluable to Occult students, as it is the personal experience of a developed soul. (Summary taken from the Publishers Preface) (6 hr 8 min)


Preface 9:32 Read by Jill Preston
Introduction 16:49 Read by Jill Preston
The Zodiac 13:07 Read by Jill Preston
The Constellations 47:35 Read by Jill Preston
The Spiritual Interpretation of the Twelve Houses of the Zodiac 17:27 Read by Jill Preston
Astro-Theology 20:10 Read by Jill Preston
Astro - Mythology 17:17 Read by Jill Preston
Symbolisim 19:36 Read by Jill Preston
Alchemy - Part I (organic) 32:11 Read by Jill Preston
Alchemy - Part II (occult) 29:13 Read by Jill Preston
Talismans 20:41 Read by Jill Preston
Ceremonial Magic 19:17 Read by Jill Preston
Magic Wands 19:40 Read by Jill Preston
The Tablets of Aeth in three parts 54:36 Read by Jill Preston
Penetralia 31:10 Read by Jill Preston


Great book horrible reader

(2 stars)

The text is wonderful and full of little hidden gems. The reader is turrible... Yes turrible not terrible...turrible. She mispronounces so many common occult words it's hard to enjoy and her style is entirely robotic. How do you pronounce talis-man as tails-man? Or sacerdotal as saucer-dotal? Reader should stick to reading kids books or get a dictionary, way too many words mispronounced on this version.


(1.5 stars)

It seems like this book would be great except that the speaker does a very weird job of reading. Almost intentionally speaking like a robot. Really distracting and hard to listen to

no thanks

(1 stars)

The reader is almost unbearable to listen to!Interesting book, but I'll just look for it on Youtube instead.


(5 stars)

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Holy cow and more books like this

(5 stars)

Tourettes, not turrets!!

(3 stars)

to criticize the reader for mispronounced words, and bad phrasing, then say you're swearing like you have turrets? Really, wow... pot, kettle anyone?? it's a free service, feel free to volunteer and wow us with YOUR reading of the subject matter

well done

(3.5 stars)

very informative, keep up the good work.

Very nice

(4.5 stars)

Reader is good. Enjoy the book.