The Waste Land (version 3)

Read by Elizabeth Klett

(4.6 stars; 101 reviews)

The Waste Land is T. S. Eliot's Modernist masterpiece, first published in 1920. Rich in allusions to Shakespeare, Dante, Baudelaire, the Bible, Marvell, Buddha, and the folklore of the Holy Grail, among other sources, the poem emphasizes the fundamental fragmentation and lack of connection that characterizes modern life and relationships. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett) (0 hr 25 min)


1 - The Waste Land 25:40 Read by Elizabeth Klett



(4 stars)

I'm stuck on this review page! it won't let me leave... if you see my mother, tell her I love her. Elizabeth Klett is great

very good

(4.5 stars)

extremely well read. enjoyed it thoroughly.

T S ELIOT’s WASTE LAND is not a poem to read in a dark no sun rainy day Coronav…

(5 stars)

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Excellently read

(4 stars)

After being disappointed with the first version I found and abandoning it, this is far far better. I could feel my memory flowing along with it.

(0.5 stars)

The mournful voice of the female is an annoyance and inappropriate. No wonder so many boys in school never appreciated this genius of TS Eliot.


(5 stars)

This was very well done. It can be hard to stay engaged with this story but Elizabeth reads it so naturally.

Absolutely gorgeous!

(5 stars)

I adore Eliot and since everything this person reads sounds magical, I loved this! thanks!

(4 stars)

Elizabeth really did a fine job and I look forward to listening to her other works.