A Chesterton Calendar

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.6 stars; 4 reviews)

Go through the year, day by day, with the wit and wisdom of G.K. Chesterton! Compiled from the writings of 'G.K.C', both in verse and in prose, each day of the year is provided with a generally short quotation from one of his many works. Also includes a section apart for the moveable feasts. (Summary by Maria Therese) (4 hr 41 min)


01 - January 23:01 Read by debolee
02 - February 21:09 Read by Ann Boulais
03 - March 23:32 Read by Edith van der Have-Raats
04 - April 21:11 Read by Phil Chenevert
05 - May 30:39 Read by Pete Darby
06 - June 25:02 Read by Philippa
07 - July 25:41 Read by Phil Chenevert
08 - August 18:23 Read by Phil Chenevert
09 - September 18:50 Read by Phil Chenevert
10 - October 19:46 Read by Amy Gramour
11 - November 22:43 Read by debolee
12 - December 22:09 Read by Elena
13 - The Moveable Feasts 9:16 Read by Ann Boulais


It's Raycyst

(4.5 stars)

Love it. 365 days of Raycism. Remember the Julian calendar was created by an old white cis gendered cultural imperialist. By using the calendar you are committing acts of oppression against BIPOCS. Some might say this is bad. However what is really bad is cultural appropriation. Being kind and accepting of other ethnicities is a hallmark of BIPOC culture. It would be raycist for a white honkey to be an anti raycyst. Therefore I must accept the Julian Calendar and whole heartedly support it's 365 Days of oppression