A Horse's Tale (Version 2)

Read by John Greenman

(4.6 stars; 27 reviews)

A Horse's Tale is a novel by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens), written partially in the voice of Soldier Boy, who is Buffalo Bill's favorite horse, at a fictional frontier outpost with the U.S. 7th Cavalry. With a fanciful mix of points of view, we hear the story of Cathy and her relationship with Soldier Boy and the soldiers of the 7th Cavalry. A surprisingly graphic depiction of a Spanish bullfight leaves no doubt where Mark Twain's sympathies lie. (Introduction by John Greenman & Wikipedia)

(1 hr 54 min)


Most Excellent

(5 stars)

This was the first reading I've listened to by John Greenman. I am simply in awe of the life that he has breathed into this story by his skillful narrative. The voice inflections, the cadence, the tone changes & accents accorded the various characters...simply marvelous! This Mark Twain classic is humorous, warm, stirring and inspired me both to laughter and tears.

excellent reader and writer

(5 stars)

I heard of this book when reading a “cat who” book and realized it was one of Twain’s that I had missed. Thanks for sharing this experence

A Horse's Tale (Version 2)

(5 stars)

Well read, fun listen - thanks!

Perhaps the most sad story from Mr Clemmons.

(4 stars)