The Life and Adventures of Alexander Selkirk

Read by James K. White

(4.5 stars; 42 reviews)

This work was the true story of Alexander Selkirk (1676 to December 13, 1721), a Scottish sailor who was employed in a number of different trades during his early life. As a young man, Selkirk learned the skills of tanning and shoemaking, and later became a buccaneer (a government-sanctioned pirate) on the Cinque Ports, working his way up to the position of ship's sailing master or navigator. But in the case of Selkirk, his experiences would eventually help him to survive his isolation on a deserted island in the Juan Fernández archipelago, off the coast of Chile, where he spent 52 months before being rescued.

The Life and Adventures of Alexander Selkirk is a real-life “survivor man” narrative: Alone, pitted against nature with only his wits and the barest of tools at his disposal, the protagonist eventually triumphs over his adversities. Certainly this theme is at the heart of what makes it so timeless, but it includes an exploration into the story of who Selkirk was before the adventure began. In his research, Howell diligently investigated Selkirk's life through parish records from the small town of Largo in Fife, Scotland, where Selkirk was born and spent his childhood. He also conducted interviews with surviving relatives, and gleamed information from the published accounts of others with whom Selkirk had sailed, such as privateer and explorer, Captain William Dampier, and the man who ultimately rescued him, Captain Woodes Rogers. (Introduction by James K. White) (3 hr 29 min)


Old Buccaneer\'s Song/Introduction 17:55 Read by James K. White
Chapter I 7:42 Read by James K. White
Chapter II 40:53 Read by James K. White
Chapter III 24:37 Read by James K. White
Chapter IV 40:59 Read by James K. White
Chapter V 18:36 Read by James K. White
Appendix, Description Of The Island Of Juan Fernandez 28:32 Read by James K. White
Appendix, Account of Stradling\'s Adventures/Adventures of Captain Dampier 8:55 Read by James K. White
Appendix, Adventures of Clipperton and His Men/Funnel\'s Adventures/Account of … 21:31 Read by James K. White



(5 stars)

After I finished "Robinson Crusoe", I was intrigued to learn the story of Selkirk. I am glad to have found it here. Enjoyed the little book. The reader James K. White has a calm, soothing voice, love it. I will listen to the other books that he narrated.

Really very well read

(4 stars)

I enjoyed it, but perhaps not 4 stars for the general listener: I think it helps if you are into naval history. I think the read is particularly good.

A great real story excellently research by Howell. Lovely reader

(5 stars)

(4 stars)

great listen and well read .