A Yankee Girl at Fort Sumter

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(4.2 stars; 28 reviews)

Sylvia Fulton is a ten-years-old girl from Boston who stayed in Charleston, South Carolina, before the opening of the Civil War. She loves her new home, and her dear friends. However, political tensions are rising, and things start to change. Through these changes, Silvia gets to know the world better: from Estrella, her maid, she starts to understand what it is to be a slave, from her unjust teacher she learns that not all beautiful people are perfect, and from the messages she carries to Fort Sumter she learns what is the meaning of danger. However, this is a lovely book, written mostly for children.(Summary by Stav Nisser) (3 hr 52 min)


00 - Introduction 1:00 Read by Amber Hamilton
01 - Sylvia 13:42 Read by Amber Hamilton
02 - A New Friend 11:48 Read by Veronica Schlette
03 - Sylvia in Trouble 10:05 Read by Veronica Schlette
04 - An Unexpected Journey 11:59 Read by Veronica Schlette
05 - Estralla and Elinor 8:43 Read by Amanda Friday
06 - Sylvia at the Plantation 19:56 Read by Edith van der Have-Raats
07 - Sylvia Sees a Ghost 8:32 Read by Amber Hamilton
08 - A Twilight Tea-Party 12:04 Read by cbooren
09 - Troublesome Words 9:55 Read by cbooren
10 - The Palmetto Flag 12:20 Read by E.Lee
11 - Sylvia Carries a Message 11:55 Read by E.Lee
12 - Estralla Helps 7:27 Read by Kalynda
13 - A Happy Afternoon 8:35 Read by Cate Barratt
14 - Mr. Robert Waite 12:55 Read by cbooren
15 - Where is Sylvia 11:03 Read by cbooren
16 - In Danger 9:49 Read by Amanda Friday
17 - A Christmas Present 13:16 Read by Cheri Gardner
18 - Great News 8:56 Read by Amanda Friday
19 - Sylvia Makes a Promise 9:28 Read by Amanda Friday
20 - Two Little Darky Girls 11:57 Read by Amanda Friday
21 - Fort Sumter is Fired Upon 7:21 Read by Cate Barratt


excellent intro into civil war for children

(5 stars)

the readers all did a great job. i dont usually listen to books that have a different reader for different chapters, but they all did a fine job on this one. while this is a childs story, i still enjoyed it. so many valuable lessons learned and a small introduction to the civil war for kids just learning about it. it makes a point that even though the friends held different beliefs, they could all still get along.

Outdated Language

(4.5 stars)

I can't complain much, it's very difficult to find a book about the civil war or slavery in general that doesn't use common words of the time... the less offensive N word is very commonly used in these sorts of things, as is d*rky, and more... would give this to children only after explaining that these words are hurtful now and should not be used. Well read for the most part!

Period Specific Language

(4 stars)

I enjoyed the storyline. The some of the atrocities of slavery are covered and Esther-Alice is portrayed as loyal, Brave and cunning. However, parents should be aware that they use terms that are deemed inappropriate today: N*, Darky, Pick* etc.