The Secret of Lonesome Cove

Read by Roger Melin

(4.3 stars; 54 reviews)

A body is found on the beach not far from a New England town one morning. Curiously, nobody recognizes the dead woman, and nobody in or near the town seems to be a suspect in a possible murder, therefore most of them assume that she simply washed ashore from a passing vessel. Only problem is vessels didn't pass that stretch of the coast because of it's peculiar tides and eddies; hence its name, Lonesome Cove. Following the finding of the body, the officials of the town start acting a bit peculiar towards how to handle the dead body. The sheriff, the attorney in the town, the village gossip, and even the town doctor all seem to want the identification of the body hushed up. And therefore the body is immediately buried, and the officials hope all will be forgotten and done with. Cause of death: drowning. Enter Chester Kent, who isn't convinced in the same way that the townspeople are, and is willing to pull at his ear lobe in an effort to determine the identity of the body, and how it came to it's demise. (Introduction by Roger Melin) (7 hr 33 min)


The Body on the Beach 22:49 Read by Roger Melin
Professor Kent Makes a Call 49:34 Read by Roger Melin
My Lady of Mystery 15:27 Read by Roger Melin
An Inquiry 28:26 Read by Roger Melin
One Use For a Monocle 10:22 Read by Roger Melin
The Retreat In Order 7:06 Read by Roger Melin
Simon P. Groot Does Business 12:25 Read by Roger Melin
Reckonings 13:25 Read by Roger Melin
Chester Kent Declines a Job 21:23 Read by Roger Melin
The Invasion 13:43 Read by Roger Melin
Hedgerow House 14:50 Read by Roger Melin
The Unbidden Visitor 5:14 Read by Roger Melin
Loose Ends 29:30 Read by Roger Melin
The Lone Fisherman 12:48 Read by Roger Melin
The Turn of the Game 30:54 Read by Roger Melin
The Meeting 13:42 Read by Roger Melin
Chance Sits In 23:02 Read by Roger Melin
The Master of Stars 31:45 Read by Roger Melin
The Strange Tryst 28:43 Read by Roger Melin
In the White Room 43:51 Read by Roger Melin
Rewards 24:33 Read by Roger Melin


fun and intriguing mystery

(4.5 stars)

Mistaken identity, unknown corpses and more conundrums puzzle our slueth but he solves them all. He even oversees the the happy ending.

murder and romance - what's not to like!?!

(3.5 stars)

Interesting mystery/romance with twists. Well narrated by Roger Melin (his usual). Nothing offensive - it's a classic after all. Recommended.

(4.5 stars)

This a good mystery! I liked the reader and will look for more books that he has narrated.

Interesting old story

(4 stars)

Not a classic but a compelling story with interesting characters.

Amusing but, not Mysterious

(3 stars)

This was hard to enjoy due to the strangely boring Professor, and allegedly innocent trap he fell into, which was convoluted, at. best.

(4.5 stars)

Very great and a well written book. The plot and narration are very great. Roger is one of the best narrators and I just got into to this story from start to finish and had a hard time waiting to find out what happened and how !

Second that! Enjoyable Book

(4 stars)

Great job Roger! I really enjoyed the book AND the reader.

Enjoyable book

(5 stars)

The summary covers the plot. I enjoyed this story as a good mystery with some really neat twists. It kept my interest. Roger M is an excellent reader and also does a nice job with his intros. Thanks Roger!