The Case of the Pool of Blood in the Pastor's Study

Read by Dawn Larsen

(4.4 stars; 142 reviews)

Joseph Muller, police detective, travels to a remote Hungarian village to discover the truth behind the murder of a beloved village Pastor. (Introduction by Dawn) (1 hr 59 min)


Section 01 20:03 Read by Dawn Larsen
Section 02 16:12 Read by Dawn Larsen
Section 03 22:30 Read by Dawn Larsen
Section 04 15:22 Read by Dawn Larsen
Section 05 23:06 Read by Dawn Larsen
Section 06 22:20 Read by Dawn Larsen


Short story - okay

(4 stars)

A large pool of blood is found in the pastor's study, in a seemingly locked room setting. This is the third in a string of murders in a small village. The authorities send for the famous Muller to solve the crime. It may appear there are no clues, but Muller's keen eye is sure to discover the true culprit. For some reason this story was kind of deflating. It was not bad, I did like it, but it wasn't a 'wow this is such a great story', it was okay. Being that it is a short story you can listen to it in a few hours. The reading is excellent tho so the book is still worth a listen.

(5 stars)

I enjoyed this well read story very much. The measured pace and understated but expressive voice of the reader is entirely appropriate for this story. I liked the novelty (for an English speaker) of a story set in Hungary and featuring a Viennese detective. Also I liked his interesting back story and his personal characteristics.

Agree with first reviewer

(4 stars)

Just a nice short story nothing spectacular but the narrator is one of my favorites and she always makes a story worth listening to. Good if you need a short story after listening to a long one (like a Wilkie Collins story for example.) Thanks again to Dawn Larsen in Minnesota!

(4 stars)

This story was very well narrated by Dawn Larsen. The mystery was a OK short one,and a nice change of pace. I liked it but then I like almost all detective mysteries. Thanks to Dawn Larsen for another excellent narration and LibriVox for making it possible.

Good short mytery

(4 stars)

This is standard mystery fare. The story doesn't hit a home run, but it is enjoyable. The short length is a good break from listening to longer works. Dawn does an excellent job reading this solo project for Librivox.

Muller investigates another mystery

(4 stars)

Another good short detective mystery.Excellent job by reader and enjoyable. Thanks Dawn and.Librivox


(3.5 stars)

I enjoyed this one. But the others were more intriguing and fun, to listen to.

Very good

(5 stars)

Totally enjoyed and great narrative