The Time Machine (Version 3)

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.6 stars; 2854 reviews)

H.G. Wells' classic science fiction-fantasy story, in which a scientist known only as “The Time Traveller” tells the tale of his journey to the year 802,701 A.D. and beyond, where he witnesses the end of human civilization as we know it, as well as the beginning of the end of the world. This original time-travel story has been copied many times, but never improved upon. (Summary by Mark Nelson) (3 hr 39 min)


Chapter 1 21:20 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 2 13:48 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 3 14:53 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 4 25:49 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 5 42:36 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 6 14:20 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 7 16:49 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 8 16:54 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 9 16:55 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 10 7:45 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 11 13:33 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 12 14:59 Read by Mark Nelson


Most engaging story telling..

(5 stars)

I never thought 3 to 4 hours straight I could just listen to some speech and do nothing. H.G.Wells proved me wrong. it was half past 1 when I started it. Thought of having lunch with my friends outside. The climate was pleasant and stomach was starving. Since my friends were not ready I started this audio book. It is 5 I guess. It is raining for almost 2 hours now... I didn't notice any thing around me. I was so immersed in the book I felt like I saw the end of the world with my own eye along with the time traveller. and the style of writing is so good that it motivated me start my blog again after years of gap. Thank you H.G.Wells where ever you are for such a good treat to my imagination. (Special note) The reader(Mark Nelson) did an excellent job of presenting this book to us...It feels exactly how it would have felt if I had read the book my self. Kudos you to sir.

(5 stars)

I love the way the narrator speaks. It just draws you in. Wonderful story too. The veiled commentary on society is interesting and brings a secondary, thought provoking dimension as well. However if you are interested in just listening to the story it never feels like you're bludgeoned with that metaphorical part.

Oddly Accurate

(5 stars)

I listened to this before and to revisit this recording is very comforting and nostalgic. The science is unbelievable and I knew time machines were real. Everything said was a reminder of the power of knowing. Truly intelligent scientific paper hidden in fiction. The priming seemed written just for me...

Incredibly Intriguing

(5 stars)

listened to the whole thing in less than a day...just got really pulled in and wanted to know what happened next. ended up caring about his companion more than I expected and loved the way the book spoilers but it's worth the putting in the time...punn intended haha

Great book!

(4 stars)

POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD: A wonderful tale about Man's possible future as per the outlook of the great late 19th century, and early 20th century, British writer HG Wells, where cultural classism of the time reaches its tumultuous consequences in the far flung future. While I enjoyed the social commentary in the Age of (spoilers) 802,701 AD, I am dismayed that there isn't more time traveling, or in fact that the book is not longer. We get to see our Earth in its final days, and giant crabs (I feel as though I've missed simething), but no more. Nonetheless, it's a fantastic and fascinating ride while it lasts.

The Time Machine (Version 3)

(5 stars)

I became DEAF a decade ago, at which time I received my Auditory Brainstem Implant (ABI). In just the past one year 2017, the first time I'd ever heard with Bluetooth, when I got device upgrade.... which is even more incredible sounds! This was the FIRST audio book I've listened all the way through. THIS IS HUGE. Anyways, it's a great story, well written and wonderfully paced and spoken reader for the recording- he had ups and downs in tones per emotions in the story. Perfect.


(5 stars)

I felt the story was way ahead of its time- not that it would have been any more contemporary if it had been written today; rather, it is how HG Wells has written a story that makes you feel as if he had been the time traveller himself... I also loved the subtle reasons he provided for the degeneration of mankind. The one thing which I truly loved about the story, however, was how Ironic and deprecating of technology it was- as a science fiction novel, the author elaborated on how harmful it could be to the human race, and how it could deprive us of our morality at a certain is.just amazing how we think that economic stability will ensure total peace, but the reality would be so different...we would have everything we worked for, but in the process, we would have lost our humanity and become, compelling story, read by a fantastic narrator!

Excellent book, excellent recording

(5 stars)

This book made me think a lot about humanity, the trajectory we are currently, and what will become of our decedents. The reader did a wonderful job of portraying the emotions of the characters without making it all over dramatic.