The Mystery of the Locks

Read by Roger Melin

(3.6 stars; 27 reviews)

Davy's Bend was a dying, lonely, uncared for river town. So when a stranger showed up one day and bought the old unoccupied house called 'The Locks' one dreary day, the inhabitants of the town were naturally very curious about the stranger, and very curious about his reasons for buying the old house. The Locks had been known for years to display at nighttime a single light showing up in one room, and there was one room in the house which was strictly off-limits to anyone. What was the history behind The Locks that nobody dared to talk about? What was the reason for the stranger's unannounced arrival and purchase of The Locks? Small, dying towns tend to keep their secrets to themselves, and Davy's Bend was no exception. Nor was the stranger's. (Introduction by Roger Melin)

(10 hr 19 min)


The Town of Dark Nights 39:55 Read by Roger Melin
The Locks 17:32 Read by Roger Melin
The Face at the Window 22:56 Read by Roger Melin
Davy's Bend 23:54 Read by Roger Melin
A Troubled Fancy 14:42 Read by Roger Melin
Pictures in the Fire 36:08 Read by Roger Melin
The Locks' Ghost 18:23 Read by Roger Melin
A Remarkable Girl 34:01 Read by Roger Melin
The 'Apron and Password' 28:00 Read by Roger Melin
Tug Whittle's Booty 15:52 Read by Roger Melin
The Whispers in the Air 34:20 Read by Roger Melin
Ruined by Kindness 28:12 Read by Roger Melin
The Rebellion of the Baritone 35:00 Read by Roger Melin
The Ancient Maiden 25:46 Read by Roger Melin
A Shot at the Shadow 33:00 Read by Roger Melin
The Step on the Stair 36:00 Read by Roger Melin
The Pursuing Shadow 27:05 Read by Roger Melin
The Rise in the River 28:00 Read by Roger Melin
Mr. Whittle Makes a Confession 24:04 Read by Roger Melin
The Search in the Woods 22:43 Read by Roger Melin
Little Ben 26:08 Read by Roger Melin
Tug's Return 31:56 Read by Roger Melin
The Going Down of the Sun 15:31 Read by Roger Melin


(1 stars)

This book was a little too depressing and strange for me--no reflection on the reader who is always good. I certainly wouldn't consider it a reflection on societal eccentricities, etc.

(4 stars)

but slow never the less a good story.

good story

(5 stars)

not one I would call a 'page turner' if I was reading it but still interesting and thought provoking. I have a difficult time with drama - situations where there might be physical or emotional pain suffered by those in a story that I have been compelled to care about. I think the author did a good job of allowing any areas of drama to be easily traveled. Roger M did another good job of reading.

Love & Honor, Secrets & Betrayal

(4 stars)

This book reflects our Societal eccentricities &, describes the strengths, weaknesses & even defects in Human nature so accurately, poignantly, even prophesied the outcomes, were things not as described, that I couldn't stop listening...We truely are predictable, given certain circumstances, and not often enough to our credit, sad as it is to say...