The Awakening of Spring

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(2 stars; 3 reviews)

The Awakening of Spring is the German dramatist Frank Wedekind's first major play and a seminal work in the modern history of theatre. It is the source material for the contemporary rock musical Spring Awakening. The play criticises the sexually-oppressive culture of fin de siècle Germany and offers a vivid dramatisation of the erotic fantasies that it breeds. Due to the nature of its content, the play has often been banned. (Summary by wikipedia and wildemoose)

Narrator: Diana Majlinger
Wendla: Arielle Lipshaw
Frau Bergman: Elizabeth Klett
Melchior: mb
Otto/Fliegentod/Gaston: David Lawrence
Moritz: Margaret Espaillat
George/Martha/Ina: Kristingj
Robert/Zungenschlag/Ruprecht: John Fricker
Ernest: Max Körlinge
Thea/Ilse: Carolin Kaiser
Laemmermeier/Knuppeldick/Diethelm/Friend Ziegenmelker/The Masked Man: Nathanial W.C. Higgins
Hans/Habebald/Helmuth: Martin Geeson
Professor Hungergurt/Uncle Probst: Franswa
Professor Knochenbruch: Bellona Times
Frau Gabor: Ann Simmons
Sonnenstich/Rheinhold: Chuck Williamson
Pastor Kaulbauch/Locksmith: Lucy Perry
Renter Stiefel/Dr. Prokrustes: Legentis
Herr Gabor/Dr. Von Brausepulver: Algy Pug
Audio edited by: Arielle Lipshaw
(2 hr 12 min)


Act 1 31:14 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Act 2 43:26 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Act 3 58:01 Read by LibriVox Volunteers


either sounds dead or is overacted

(0.5 stars)

they go from sounding boring or overreact. this is a play, so you shouldn't do either unless it's on purpose. I love the musical and thought I'd read the play but honestly... the audio made it feel disappointing, which it is NOT.

over acting

(0.5 stars)

Over acting destroyed this beautiful text.