Memoirs of a Revolutionist, Vol. 1

Read by Elin

(4.8 stars; 39 reviews)

Peter Kropotkin was a Russian anarcho-communist and scientist. This is his autobiography, and he writes not only about his own life, but also about 19th century Russian society and politics. He was born into the nobility and had a military education, but he gradually abandoned the values of his social class and became an anti-authoritarian socialist, opposed to both the rule of the Tsars and to the seizing of power by the authoritarian Bolsheviks. He was also interested in literature, biology, economics and geographical exploration. This first volume of his memoirs covers his childhood, his education, and the time he spent in Siberia.(Introduction by Elin) (7 hr 31 min)


00 - Preface 15:31 Read by Elin
01 - Childhood I-II 12:44 Read by Elin
02 - Childhood III 11:42 Read by Elin
03 - Childhood IV 17:42 Read by Elin
04 - Childhood V 9:14 Read by Elin
05 - Childhood VI 16:10 Read by Elin
06 - Childhood VII 24:25 Read by Elin
07 - Childhood VIII 27:50 Read by Elin
08 - Childhood IX-X 14:48 Read by Elin
09 - The Corps of Pages I 24:13 Read by Elin
10 - The Corps of Pages II 21:30 Read by Elin
11 - The Corps of Pages III 16:16 Read by Elin
12 - The Corps of Pages IV 12:03 Read by Elin
13 - The Corps of Pages V-VI 25:00 Read by Elin
14 - The Corps of Pages VII 9:33 Read by Elin
15 - The Corps of Pages VIII 27:56 Read by Elin
16 - The Corps of Pages IX 28:35 Read by Elin
17 - Siberia I 27:07 Read by Elin
18 - Siberia II 11:02 Read by Elin
19 - Siberia III 20:30 Read by Elin
20 - Siberia IV 28:27 Read by Elin
21 - Siberia V 18:32 Read by Elin
22 - Siberia VI-VII 19:20 Read by Elin
23 - Siberia VIII 11:19 Read by Elin


Excellent book

(4 stars)

I've listened to this book many times to savor the nuances of the author's coming of age and convictions. My only issues are the annoyingly long pauses and introductions at the beginning of each chapter and the narrator's mispronounciations. I think it is important for the narrator to have a full grasp of the language the book is being translated into. Also, the narrator starts each sentence of with a strong voice, then ends in barely a whisper. Though the narrator is the same in volume 2, the introductions are gone. I would encourage you to continue and download the second volume if you enjoyed the first.

And now onto Volume Two

(5 stars)

This is a most fascinating book to which to listen. I am looking forward to hearing Volume Two. The reader is wonderful. Thank-you for taking the time to undertake such a venture!


(5 stars)

Captivating recollections and lovely, easy to follow narration.