Doctor Wortle's School

Read by Angel5

(4.3 stars; 29 reviews)

Anthony Trollope’s fortieth novel, published in 1881, concerns a respectable Christian boys’ school whose proprietor unknowingly hires a woman who apparently has two husbands: A devoted English scholar and an abusive drunkard from the American south. The book interweaves a sensitive and realistic exploration of Dr. Wortle’s moral dilemma with a humorous look at small-town gossip and--of course--a romance involving the doctor’s beautiful young daughter. ( Summary by Angela Rowland ) (6 hr 8 min)


Dr. Wortle 16:37 Read by Angel5
The New Usher 15:49 Read by Angel5
The Mystery 16:24 Read by Angel5
The Doctor Asks His Questions 15:16 Read by Angel5
"Then We Must Go" 14:29 Read by Angel5
Lord Carstairs 15:24 Read by Angel5
Robert LeFroy 14:22 Read by Angel5
The Story is Told 14:01 Read by Angel5
Mrs. Wortle and Mr. Puddicombe 15:28 Read by Angel5
Mr. Peacock Goes 14:21 Read by Angel5
The Bishop 15:05 Read by Angel5
The Stantiloup Correspondence 16:47 Read by Angel5
Mr. Puddicombe's Boot 15:59 Read by Angel5
"Everybody's Business" 16:27 Read by Angel5
"Amo' in the Cool of the Evening" 15:46 Read by Angel5
"It is Impossible" 15:08 Read by Angel5
Correspondence With the Palace 13:53 Read by Angel5
The Journey 16:22 Read by Angel5
"Nobody Has Condemned You Here" 15:53 Read by Angel5
Lord Bracy's Letter 15:04 Read by Angel5
At Chicago 14:31 Read by Angel5
The Doctor's Answer 15:38 Read by Angel5
Mr. Peacocke's Return 15:06 Read by Angel5
Mary's Success 14:18 Read by Angel5


(2.5 stars)

probably a nice story but it is read very fast. How much better it would have been to slow down and let one digest the story.

Most enjoyable!

(5 stars)

Great story, characterization and reader...though she would be SUPER if only she would slow down a bit!

Great story

(5 stars)

A lovely story about morals and human goodness and kindness. Good reader.


(5 stars)

The story was attention-keeping and the reader was good all around.

Very Enjoyable !

(5 stars)

Light hearted, entertaining story very well read !