A Jewish State

Read by Adrian Praetzellis

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Read in English, this is a pivotal document in the history of Zionism and the State of Israel. Herzl designed this work to elevate the discussion of "the Jewish Question" so it would "no longer take the form of violent abuse or sentimental vindication but of a debate, practical, large, earnest, and political." While few of Herzl's proposals were actually carried out, the importance of A JEWISH STATE was in the groundswell of support for a Jewish homeland engendered by its solutions to the practical problems of establishing a new state. In the words of a contemporary, "[Herzl] made it seem possible." Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl (1860-1904) was a Hungarian writer, political economist, and Jewish activist. (Summary by Adrian Praetzellis)

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Editor's Preface 22:26 Read by Adrian Praetzellis
Author's Preface 8:37 Read by Adrian Praetzellis
Chap 1 Introduction 28:52 Read by Adrian Praetzellis
Chap 2, part 1 The Jewish Question 17:42 Read by Adrian Praetzellis
Chap 2, part 2 18:42 Read by Adrian Praetzellis
Chap 2, part 3 16:13 Read by Adrian Praetzellis
Chap 2, part 4 20:22 Read by Adrian Praetzellis
Chap 3 Local Groups 29:11 Read by Adrian Praetzellis
Chap 4 Society of Jews & the Jewish State 38:17 Read by Adrian Praetzellis
Chap 5 Conclusion 10:33 Read by Adrian Praetzellis


understanding the context

(5 stars)

Ideas don't develop in a vacuum. By 1896 Zionism (in the form presented by Herzl) had arrived at its time. These days it is often forgotten, or more often never learned, that there were reasons why Herzl identified and developed his idea. However Israel appears and how it develops in the future does not alter the causes that brought modern political Zionism onto the international stage. Another effective reading by Adrian Praetzellis.

A Jewish State

(5 stars)

A must read for people who desire to know the truth on how and why the state of Israel was formed. It was never to be the war machine it is today. THE READER MR. ADRIAN PRAETZELLIS DID A GREAT JOB!

(5 stars)

Pure enlightenment throughly enjoyed. My people need and can readily use. Thank you

interesting history

(4 stars)

This was an interesting listen.