Paradise Lost

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Paradise Lost is the first epic of English literature written in the classical style. John Milton saw himself as the intellectual heir of Homer, Virgil, and Dante, and sought to create a work of art which fully represented the most basic tenets of the Protestant faith. His work, which was dictated from memory and transcribed by his daughter, remains as one of the most powerful English poems. (Summary by Caeristhiona)

This is a recording of the text of Milton’s first edition of 1667, which had ten books, unlike the second edition (1674) which was redivided into twelve books in the manner of Virgil’s Aeneid. See Wikipedia entry. (9 hr 41 min)


Book One, Part 1 25:15 Read by Owen
Book One, Part 2 25:48 Read by J A Carter
Book Two, Part 1 24:04 Read by Kirsten Ferreri
Book Two, Part 2 29:17 Read by Cori Samuel
Book Three, Part 1 19:08 Read by Greg Bryant
Book Three, Part 2 21:13 Read by Greg Bryant
Book Four, Part 1 32:25 Read by Catharine Eastman
Book Four, Part 2 29:58 Read by Cori Samuel
Book Five, Part 1 21:54 Read by Clayton J. Smith
Book Five, Part 2 25:00 Read by J A Carter
Book Six, Part 1 19:24 Read by Rosalind Wills
Book Six, Part 2 27:53 Read by Eric Ray
Book Seven, Part 1 37:26 Read by Onjana Yawnghwe
Book Seven, Part 2 36:24 Read by hefyd
Book Eight, Part 1 26:39 Read by Greg Bryant
Book Eight, Part 2 35:38 Read by Greg Bryant
Book Nine, Part 1 32:35 Read by hefyd
Book Nine, Part 2 28:19 Read by hefyd
Book Ten, Part 1 37:28 Read by Kurt Wong
Book Ten, Part 2 45:28 Read by J A Carter


ye olde but ye goodest!

(5 stars)

listened to this from the recommendation of Jordan Peterson, at his podcasts. very glad too have had the opportunity.

Wow!- Paradise Lost- just awesome

(5 stars)

This book is just fantastic. I've never read anything better, and although the narration is slow at points, it is almost flawless, with the voice actor going to great lengths to change voices to differentiate characters. Well done!

Good Record

(5 stars)

This audio books are the best that I had heard. Thank you for all those people that recorded this audio. From Brazil

Great narration from all participants!

(4 stars)

Loved the voice effects of the first book. Wish they could have been applied to all chapters

Greg Bryant

(5 stars)

Greg Bryant is phenomenal in this series (voice of book 9)! I wish he had done the whole book

Five Stars

(5 stars)

My most favorite book of epic poetry,I have read this book over and over again.

(4 stars)

I've always wanted to hear from this book and am glad to have found this. Much thanks!

(4.5 stars)

Awesome book! Awesome telling! From Paradise Lost to Paradise Found! Thanks to all for the contribution!