The New Atlantis

Read by Bill Boerst

(4.2 stars; 38 reviews)

In 1623, Francis Bacon expressed his aspirations and ideas in New Atlantis. Released in 1627, this was his creation of an ideal land where people were kind, knowledgeable, and civic-minded. Part of this new land was his perfect college, a vision for our modern research universities. Islands he had visited may have served as models for his ideas. ( Summary by Wikipedia ) (1 hr 37 min)



(5 stars)

It was an enjoyable story, though the description leaves out the first half of it being about a unknown land of Christian peoples. The description of the scientific laboratory is not until the last two chapters and is only part off the story.

Great Solo Recording

(5 stars)

Thank you. This is a great recording. You kept a good pace making this book very understandable.