Memoirs of a Revolutionist, Vol. 2

Read by Elin

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Peter Kropotkin was a Russian anarcho-communist and scientist. This is his autobiography, and he writes not only about his own life, but also about 19th century Russian society and politics. He was born into the nobility and had a military education, but he gradually abandoned the values of his social class and became an anti-authoritarian socialist, opposed to both the rule of the Tsars and to the seizing of power by the authoritarian Bolsheviks. He was also interested in literature, biology, economics and geographical exploration. This second and last volume of his memoirs covers his time in St Petersburg, his time in prison, and his journeys in Western Europe. ( Summary by Elin ) (9 hr 9 min)


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Very good reader and very well read. You can tell that elin is multilingual like kropotkinm

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woweeeeee thanks to all you beautiful readers !!!

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Elin‘s voice is great to listen to