Nan Sherwood at Pine Camp

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(3.2 stars; 12 reviews)

A school girl story about two Illinois teens and the adventures they have with family,friends and the chance to go to a boarding school in Michigan in the early 1920's. (Summary by Linda Andrus) (5 hr 44 min)


01 - The Yellow Poster 10:41 Read by Linda Andrus
02 - The Cottage on Amity Street 10:43 Read by Carmen H
03 - Fishing 12:10 Read by Carmen H
04 - Sweeping Clean 9:09 Read by Carmen H
05 - Great Expectations 8:11 Read by Carmen H
06 - A Sprat For a Herring 9:33 Read by Carmen H
07 - A Vista of New Fortunes 10:36 Read by Reyoflight
08 - Two Important Happenings 14:31 Read by Linda Andrus
09 - On the Way to the Wilderness 16:10 Read by Linda Andrus
10 - Gedney Raffer 16:22 Read by Linda Andrus
11 - Pine Camp at Last 9:05 Read by Carmen H
12 - Home Was Never Like This 8:57 Read by Carmen H
13 - Magaret Llewellen 10:16 Read by Daniela Austin
14 - At the Lumber Camp 16:02 Read by Daniela Austin
15 - A Cat and Her Kittens 11:23 Read by Daniela Austin
16 - 'Injun Pete' 7:55 Read by Carmen H
17 - Spring in the Big Woods 12:31 Read by Linda Ciano
18 - At Dead Man's Bend 8:00 Read by Carmen H
19 - Toby Vanderwiller 8:25 Read by Chris Caron
20 - Nan's Secret 12:55 Read by Chris Caron
21 - In the Tamarack Swamp 12:59 Read by Chris Caron
22 - On the Island 8:46 Read by Linda Ciano
23 - A Mystery 11:07 Read by Linda Ciano
24 - The Smoking Tree 12:59 Read by Linda Ciano
25 - The Tempest 9:59 Read by Linda Ciano
26 - Buffeted by the Elements 12:07 Read by Linda Ciano
27 - Old Toby in Trouble 13:50 Read by Linda Ciano
28 - The Girl in the Hollow Tree 15:08 Read by Chris Caron
29 - Great News From Scotland 18:24 Read by Chris Caron
30 - Off For Lakeview Hall 5:48 Read by Carmen H


(0.5 stars)

The narrator Carmine I think that was her name ruined this wonderful book, could not understand a word she spoke. Had to skip the chapters that she narrated. I have enjoyed almost all the LibriVox narrators but this girl was absolutely the worst. I tried everything with volume control, treble and base. Nothing would work to clean it up. Sorry but I really couldn't understand her.

I agree about a certain reader, but...I can't give a 1 to anyone

(4 stars)

(3.5 stars)

Great story but one reader was soft spoken and hard to understand. Her voice was pretty, but she wasn't loud enough. The recorded audio was muffled too. It made me want to skip the chapters she read.

(2.5 stars)

Great story but one reader was impossible to understand.!That’s really not fair to listeners!