Captain Blood

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Captain Blood is an adventure novel by Rafael Sabatini, originally published in 1922. It concerns the sharp-witted Dr. Peter Blood, an Irish physician, who is convicted of treason in the aftermath of the Monmouth rebellion in 1685, and enslaved on the Caribbean island of Barbados. He escapes and becomes a pirate. [Wikipedia]

Captain Blood was the basis for the Academy Award-nominated swashbuckling film that rocketed Errol Flynn and Olivia de Haviland to stardom in Hollywood. The fast-paced historical fiction of Rafael Sabatini is often compared with that of Robert Louis Stevenson and Alexandre Dumas. [DSayers]
(12 hr 11 min)


The Messenger 23:06 Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)
Kirke's Dragoons 22:58 Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)
Lord Chief Justice 37:40 Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)
Human Merchandise 14:35 Read by Sandra in Wales, United Kingdom
Arabella Bishop 28:11 Read by Sandra in Wales, United Kingdom
Plans of Escape 32:27 Read by Sandra in Wales, United Kingdom
Pirates 23:38 Read by Sandra in Wales, United Kingdom
Spaniards 14:23 Read by Sandra in Wales, United Kingdom
The Rebels-Convict 27:30 Read by Caitlin Kelly
Don Diego 14:50 Read by Caitlin Kelly
Filial Piety 25:06 Read by Jeff Robinson
Pedro Sangre 14:22 Read by Jeff Robinson
Tortuga 19:23 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Levasseur's Heroics 19:50 Read by J. M. Smallheer
The Ransom 25:46 Read by J. M. Smallheer
The Trap 29:44 Read by fieldsofgold
The Dupes 34:37 Read by fieldsofgold
The Milagrosa 27:25 Read by Sandra in Wales, United Kingdom
The Meeting 24:04 Read by Sandra in Wales, United Kingdom
Thief and Pirate 26:41 Read by sayeth
The Service of King James 29:50 Read by sayeth
Hostilities 20:32 Read by Chris Langston
Hostages 30:44 Read by Chris Langston
War 29:04 Read by Matthew Hinman
The Service of King Louis 21:20 Read by Matthew Hinman
M. De Rivarol 30:08 Read by Michelle Crandall
Cartagena 21:15 Read by Michelle Crandall
The Honour of M. De Rivarol 14:27 Read by Paul Siegel
The Service of King William 17:00 Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)
The Last Fight of the Arabella 14:18 Read by Robin Cotter
His Excellency the Governor 17:00 Read by Robin Cotter


Excellent !!!

(5 stars)

being a truck driver presently, I have listened to hundreds upon hundreds of audio books. This ranks among the best. I highly recommended it.

Enjoyable Pirate's Tale

(4 stars)

An honorable pirate, forced into the profession by circumstances beyond his control. An enjoyable listen. If the style of the reader for the first 3 chapters annoys you like it does me, hold on and don't give up - the readers improve from there. :)


(5 stars)

A masterpiece of swashbuckling adventure. Cruel kings, crooked ministers, falsely convicted genteel doctor, bully slaver, beautiful young lady, sea battles aplenty, and an ending of poetic justice, all read by a group of very good readers. What else can I say?


(5 stars)

chop this one up to a fantastic story of Pirate tears pirates governors and heroes. I was always waiting for the next chapter and always satisfied and waiting for the next. wonderful story of adventure drama and romance. it's hard to beat an old author.

Written with passion

(5 stars)

An excellent example of the writings of Raphaël Sabatini, the only problem that I could perceive is the fact that some of the chapters were recorded with very low sodium which was difficult to enjoy.

most excellent!

(5 stars)

great book. even though there were multiple narrators 99 and a half percent of them were great. I really can't remember any bad ones but who knows. thank you LibriVox and thank you Rafael sabatini

(5 stars)

One of the best classic novels concerned with pirates. Entertaining from start to finish. The multiple changes in narrators in this recording is a bit distracting, but still it was very enjoyable.


(5 stars)

a lovely swashbuckling tale of valor, courage, adventure, and daring; sweetened with a hint of romance that gives purpose and romance to the brazen and witty captain Blood.