The Brushwood Boy

Read by Liam Neely

(4.5 stars; 14 reviews)

The experiences in public school, Sandhurst and military life in India of Major George Cotter together with his adventures in the dream world he discovers and frequents. (Summary by Liam Neely)

(1 hr 32 min)


01 - The Brushwood Boy, Part 1 11:40 Read by Liam Neely
02 - The Brushwood Boy, Part 2 37:44 Read by Liam Neely
03 - The Brushwood Boy, Part 3 6:07 Read by Liam Neely
04 - The Brushwood Boy, Part 4 36:45 Read by Liam Neely



(3.5 stars)

Does anyone truly understand this? The writing is well done and the reader did an excellent job, but I am not sure which of the worlds (childhood or adulthood) is reality. Perhaps neither is.

The Brushwood Boy

(5 stars)

Well read, fun listen - thanks!