Just William

Read by David Wales

(4.8 stars; 85 reviews)

William is a mischievous eleven year old who is puzzled by the adult world, which is no less puzzled by him. The humor is gentle and pleasing. The series of books is better known in the United Kingdom than in the U.S. ( Summary by David Wales ) (5 hr 58 min)


01 - William Goes to the Pictures 31:04 Read by David Wales
02 - William the Intruder 39:04 Read by David Wales
03 - William Below Stairs 26:52 Read by David Wales
04 - The Fall of the Idol 27:23 Read by David Wales
05 - The Show 38:19 Read by David Wales
06 - A Question of Grammar 22:06 Read by David Wales
07 - William Joins the Band of Hope 26:08 Read by David Wales
08- -The Outlaws 27:36 Read by David Wales
09- -William and White Satin 26:05 Read by David Wales
10 - William's New Year's Day 28:03 Read by David Wales
11 - The Best Laid Plans 34:46 Read by David Wales
12 - "Jumble" 31:15 Read by David Wales


(5 stars)

oh my, I haven't laughed so hard in a while. (not while reading, I mean) the reader is great (you can catch him stifling a giggle from time Rio time). this would new a great book to listen to with your kids on a road trip! but I listened all by myself and thoroughly enjoyed it!

(5 stars)

this book had me laughing out loud throughout the whole thing, ended way too soon and little abruptly!! but definitely 100% 5 + stars for reader (THANKYOU) and 5+ stars for the book itself!!!!! FANTASIC narration!!!! Cute funny story!!!!!

Absolutely hilarious! This kid rocks!

(5 stars)

Cleverly funny and made even funnier by the narration of Mr. Wales. A great performer at all times, he truly shines reading this kind of humor (dry humor? sardonic? I just know it's funny)

just William

(5 stars)

Richmal crompton (a woman by the way) perfectly understands the mind of a young boy and describes his adventures beautifully. Brilliantly read by david Wales as with all his readings I have encountered

Nostalgia at its best.

(5 stars)

I first read these books when I was in single figures. It was a wonderful trip down memory lane. A round of applause to the reader.

Lighthearted, funny. Well read.

(5 stars)

Very sweet stories about a rambunctious boy. A little like "Dennis The Menace." Quite entertaining. Very well read!


(5 stars)

love these tales from when i was young and the reader did a brilliant job. More like this please


(5 stars)

Story: what a pleasure! Little snippets of life from a wonderful example of boyhood. Reader: exceptional.