The City at World's End

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.5 stars; 3484 reviews)

A surprise nuclear war may cause the End of the World, but not the way anyone could have imagined. A classic science fiction tale from Galaxy Magazine. (Summary by Mark Nelson) (7 hr 6 min)


Chapter 01 - cataclysm 23:56 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 02 - the incredible 17:24 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 03 - dying planet 13:40 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 04 - dead city 20:58 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 05 - in the red dawn 15:51 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 06 - caravan into tomorrow 15:20 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 07 - under the dome 22:44 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 08 - Middletown calling! 17:17 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 09 - out of the silence 19:49 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 10 - from the stars 24:57 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 11 - revelation 25:16 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 12 - crisis 28:34 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 13 - embattled city 20:05 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 14 - last appeal 20:34 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 15 - mission for Earth 19:39 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 16 - on Vega 25:19 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 17 - judgment of the stars 22:11 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 18 - fatefull return 22:29 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 19 - Middletown decides 19:59 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 20 - appointment with destiny 14:24 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 21 - waking world 15:59 Read by Mark Nelson


(4 stars)

Satisfying read. An interesting conflict between the comfort of the tried and true and the curious eagerness to break new ground. One star less for its predictability. All the rating comments about the author having a sexist attitude are unfounded, given the time of writing and his portrayal of the strong female character in the story. On the contrary, this literary work evokes thinking of gender issues.

This is a FANTASTIC story!

(5 stars)

Wow! Well written and well narrated. I am surprised that I have never heard of it before. I listened to it during the Covid-19 pandemic, and found it very relatable. This is a great story for all ages, male and female. Has this been made into a movie? If not, someone should jump on that! There are great characters in this! ENJOY😊

(4 stars)

Mark Nelson delivers a great reading as usual. While the story by itself is interesting and original, I didn’t find it especially captivating. The premise of the story seems at times a little silly and the ending was just OK. Luckily the narrator does a great job of keeping alive the interest of the reader.

(5 stars)

What a delightful surprise. Sci fi authors must possess magnificent, unencumbered, imaginations. The novel to me was interesting, light hearted and wholesome. I really appreciated the absence of gore, violence and explicit sex. I was hooked from the start. Kudos to the volunteer who was perfectly suited.

wonderful reading of a great scifi adventure

(5 stars)

I skimmed the reviews before starting this, some mention the scientific information being out of date and show the age of it. I'm no scientist so that meant nothing to me. what does date this story is social attitudes which have changed a bit since 1951. so I listened imaging this happened then not now, and I found that worked just fine for me. Its a great compelling tale and it's read wonderfully.

Classic, in good ways and bad

(3 stars)

First, the narration is excellent. my issues are about the book's text. Written 8n 1951 it's impressive how well it foreshadows the best sci-fi in the subsequent 70 years unfortunately, the author's misogyny is grating to my 2021 sensibility. All the women, including the alien women of a million years in the future, are frail creatures. They need men to lead them Otherwise, an 8nterest8ng book

Interesting story

(4 stars)

I liked this exciting story a lot, it has a good pace without lacking dept. The story from the beginning of the 50s comes with the usual social views of that time, including some sexist views about woman, which isn't surprising if you are used to stories from pre-1960. Of course, as you might expect, Mr Nelson does an excellent job at the narration.

An engaging tale

(4 stars)

Though the author has taken liberties with the underlying science it is Imaginative for its time. Reads like a short version of A.C. Clarke's Rama trilogy. Exciting till the end and aptly satisfying. The only low point is the way it describes the female characters (a sad reflection of the times that produced this tale).