The City at World's End

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.5 stars; 2460 reviews)

A surprise nuclear war may cause the End of the World, but not the way anyone could have imagined. A classic science fiction tale from Galaxy Magazine. (Summary by Mark Nelson) (7 hr 6 min)


Chapter 01 - cataclysm 23:56 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 02 - the incredible 17:24 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 03 - dying planet 13:40 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 04 - dead city 20:58 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 05 - in the red dawn 15:51 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 06 - caravan into tomorrow 15:20 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 07 - under the dome 22:44 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 08 - Middletown calling! 17:17 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 09 - out of the silence 19:49 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 10 - from the stars 24:57 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 11 - revelation 25:16 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 12 - crisis 28:34 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 13 - embattled city 20:05 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 14 - last appeal 20:34 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 15 - mission for Earth 19:39 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 16 - on Vega 25:19 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 17 - judgment of the stars 22:11 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 18 - fatefull return 22:29 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 19 - Middletown decides 19:59 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 20 - appointment with destiny 14:24 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 21 - waking world 15:59 Read by Mark Nelson


Great story!

(5 stars)

I’ve never been a big fan of sci-fi stories, but this one really grabbed my interest. You are always left eagerly wondering what is going to happen next. It isn’t inundated with fictional technical jargon that I would normal gloss over. The story itself includes great examination into human behavior, and has fantastic political allegory that can easily apply to today’s current political environment without having to stretch the imagination too much. Mark’s reading style is fantastic as always and is a pleasure to listen to.

Absolutely must read

(4.5 stars)

This is one of the best science fiction books I have ever had to pleasure of reading. The City at World's End is more than just a quick read. It is a book about how everything we know will one day be no more than primitive - despite being written in the 1950s this book can be applied to any time - especially ours where we pride ourselves on new inventions and materialistic goods. Some reviews claim this book is therefore depressing - I couldn't disagree more; reading this book fills me with images of what future life will be like for humans and how fragile our knowledge of everything is. Another criticism some have of this book is it's sexist undertones - to that I say; Come on! The book is written not he 50s and even with it's undertones women are not portrayed in a negative light, instead they are used as one of the main characters motives throughout the book - love not sexism. Overall - this is a must read for any science fiction fans but also anyone generally. Would highly recommend!

a very entertaining and enjoyable story

(5 stars)

Great reading. Thanks for your continued support of great stories for listeners like me. Anyone who listens to old sci fi and is offended by a guy shaking a woman during the end of the world should probably pick another genre. Maybe feminist lit.....where they won't have their reverse stereotypes offended. Anyone who thinks women are always logical and reasonable should read about how the female employees at Google had a meltdown hissyfit when James Damore's memo went viral. As a woman, I take the genre as I find it and am just grateful for the many great male readers (and female) that contribute to the literature and the reading.

What can i say?

(5 stars)

I absolutely love these old sci fi novels, i found myself listening at every spare moment. People need to understand the era this was written and just get over the fact that women's rights were different. It shows how far we have come so just enjoy the story. I wish to see it on the big screen. Very satisfied.

(3 stars)

well read by the narrator. although the narrator makes some of the female characters sounds quite pathetic. the story itself displays some really 50s values in the way it deals with the female characters. the story itself want the best but easy enough to listen to.

A very good title, I like it.

(5 stars)

Complex in its scope and simple in its presentation, this is a story of facing an unfathomable future with inefficient, ineffective and out dated resources. The strength of the story is the portrayal of resilence and flexibility needed to adapt to new challenges both in moving foward while resisting change for the sake of change. One doesn't discard the resourcefulness which brings one to the benefits of today's world as they are needed to guide new approaches to tomorrow's world. In this story, the earth community advanced by allowing itself footholds in the past while moving deliberately and cautiously forward. Concerns about sexist roles and dated references are applicable to most of the great classics. This story's sexist subplot is a challenge to us to seek out the isms (sexism, racism, etc.) which still control"modern" life. How advanced are we today and pretend to be tomorrow when isms continue to flourish while technology leaps forward? The reader was fabulous, as always!

A great beginning to an interesting world

(4.5 stars)

Kept me enthralled from beginning to the very end. First book I had ever read by this author, and while I can say his views on female psychology are extremely dated it's nothing u wouldn't expect from charecters who existed before man had even reached the moon. I hope this is the start of a series however I am content enough to be satisfied by my imaginations of what happens next

apt. A pleasure to listen to.

(5 stars)

I was pleased to listen to a tale with an original storyline. The more I went through the book, the more I found myself wanting to hear the next chapter. This book is well written & I found it gripping and the idea behind it plausible. If the world was to die I'd hope to be given options like these characters were. I recommend it to any sci go fan.