Christmas, A Story

Read by Jacquerie

(4.5 stars; 77 reviews)

This is a gentle Christmas story, whose message is that if we didn't already have Christmas, we'd find a way to invent it. It's hard times in Old Trail Town as the Season of Giving approaches. The factory that employs most of the town is closed and not likely to re-open, and town merchants fear that people will try to shop on credit. Unwilling to carry the debt, the merchants work out a scheme to get everybody in town to agree not to have Christmas that year. What happens next proves that Christmas can't be banned from the hearts of those who truly believe in it. (Summary by Christine Dufour) (3 hr 58 min)


01 - Chapters 1 and 2 19:31 Read by Jacquerie
02 - Chapter 3 20:13 Read by Jacquerie
03 - Chapter 4 16:03 Read by Jacquerie
04 - Chapter 5 14:20 Read by Jacquerie
05 - Chapter 6 16:46 Read by Jacquerie
06 - Chapter 7 23:17 Read by Jacquerie
07 - Chapter 8 23:11 Read by Jacquerie
08 - Chapter 9 13:15 Read by Jacquerie
09 - Chapter 10 16:05 Read by Jacquerie
10 - Chapter 11 26:25 Read by Jacquerie
11 - Chapter 12 20:35 Read by Jacquerie
12 - Chapter 13 16:56 Read by Jacquerie
13 - Chapter 14 12:22 Read by Jacquerie


A Thousand Christmas Stars

(5 stars)

This was an accident. I searched "Christmas" in audio and ended up listening to this little jewel. Give yourself a gift this holiday season and listen to this exquisitely penned story and beautifully read too.

Not to be Confused with "A Christmas Story"

(4 stars)

The text was a little hard to follow at times. The reader did a fine job with the cacophony of words although some distinction of the people in dialogue would have been more interesting.

(5 stars)

This is a lovely and beautifully written Christmas story, rich in symbolism, free of Christmas cliches. the reader is perfect for the story. the name 'Mary Chavah' is significant: in Jewish mysticism Chavah is the mother of all life.

Christmas, A Story

(5 stars)

Different and enjoyable! We listened to it twice so far. Part of the pleasure comes from the reading by Christine Dufor. It's the first we've heard her read but will be searching out more!

Christmas, A (special) Story!

(4.5 stars)

This is a beautiful story, and especially beautifully read! I'm already ready to listen to it again, and will definitely share it with my adult daughter! Heartwarming!

essence of Christmas

(5 stars)

I am so thankful librevox did this book. It's different but the story touches so many needs of humanity like Christmas is supposed to. Well done

Definitely worth a listen!

(5 stars)

I echo the sentiments of "alamedared". This is a lovely story and the reader does a very nice job. I highly recommend it.

Christmas Story

(5 stars)

Like alamedared I searched Christmas and found this and so glad I did! A lovely story beautifully read.