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Beatrice is a lonely twenty-two year old woman. After saving Geoffrey's life, they fall in love. However, Geoffrey is married. In addition, a local rich land owner wants to marry the beautiful Beatrice. This is a romance by the author of King Solomon's Mines, Allen Quatermain, and She." (Summary by Stav Nisser) (9 hr 58 min)


01 - Chapter 01 A Mist Wraith: 5:29 Read by Michele Eaton
02 - Chapter 02 At the Bell Rock 15:44 Read by Michele Eaton
03 - Chapter 03 A Confession Of Faith 20:53 Read by Michele Eaton
04 - Chapter 04 The Watcher at the Door 20:20 Read by Michele Eaton
05 - Chapter 05 Elizabeth Is Thankful 14:52 Read by Michele Eaton
06 - Chapter 06 Owen Davies at Home 20:46 Read by Michele Eaton
07 - Chapter 07 A Matrimonial Tale 19:46 Read by Michele Eaton
08 - Chapter 08 Explanatory 13:02 Read by Michele Eaton
09 - Chapter 09 What Beatrice Dreamed 20:50 Read by Michele Eaton
10 - Chapter 10 Lady Honoria Makes Arrangements 22:13 Read by Michele Eaton
11 - Chapter 11 Beatrice Makes an Appointment 17:44 Read by Michele Eaton
12 - Chapter 12 The Writing On The Sand 29:16 Read by Michele Eaton
13 - Chapter 13 Geoffrey Lectures 24:23 Read by Michele Eaton
14 - Chapter 14 Drifting 15:59 Read by Michele Eaton
15 - Chapter 15: Only Good-night 30:56 Read by Michele Eaton
16 - Chapter 16 The Flat Near the Edgware Road 18:21 Read by Michele Eaton
17 - Chapter 17 Geoffrey Wins His Case 11:25 Read by Michele Eaton
18 - Chapter 18: The Rising Star 20:42 Read by Michele Eaton
19 - Chapter 19 Geoffrey Has A Visitor 22:02 Read by Michele Eaton
20 - Chapter 20 Back at Bryngelly 16:42 Read by Michele Eaton
21 - Chapter 21 The Third Appeal 16:08 Read by Michele Eaton
22 - Chapter 22 A Night Of Storm 24:30 Read by Michele Eaton
23 - Chapter 23 A Dawn Of Rain 21:09 Read by Michele Eaton
24 - Chapter 24 Lady Honoria Takes The Field 22:30 Read by Michele Eaton
25 - Chapter 25 Elizabeth Shows Her Teeth 26:32 Read by Michele Eaton
26 - Chapter 26 What Beatrice Swore 18:25 Read by Michele Eaton
27 - Chapter 27 The House Of Commons 24:29 Read by Michele Eaton
28 - Chapter 28 I Will Wait For You 18:11 Read by Michele Eaton
29 - Chapter 29 A Woman's Last Word 15:20 Read by Michele Eaton
30 - Chapter 30 Ave Atque Vale 15:47 Read by Michele Eaton
31 - Chapter 31: The Duchess's Ball 14:27 Read by Michele Eaton


(1 stars)

A tragic tale of ill-fated love. I don’t think it belongs in the Christian fiction section. The writer believes in “divine providence” but not, apparently, in salvation through Christ.

God Bless You Michele

(5 stars)

May God bless you Michelle for your reading of this interesting and romantic work. Michele has shown a great gift and that is the gift of love and the gift of giving so much to others by reading this book. The time she (and all readers) at librivox give to the reading of any work to those of us who only have to listen and enjoy is a gift of love from the reader who gave of herself, and of her time for the benefit of others. The book was very interesting to any one who has a romantic nature or heart that is open to what God has given to probably all of His children, and that is the gift of love which we find as we listen to Michele read so well. As I say I probably make little sense in my review here but I can only say that I believe God will bless Michele and all of those who give of themselves as she has done. May God bless, Michele Eaton, and all other readers of these works one of which her reading has given for the enjoyment and benefit of others. May God Bless her and the Librivox project and I pray that it will be used by many others for their benefit and the wisdom to be gained from just listening. Thank you again Michele and I sincerely believe God will bless you for your work here.

(5 stars)

beautiful story! my heart is sad and torn! although some of the events are quite predictable however I he writing style present it in an enjoyable way. I wished that it ended differently by some miracle Beatrice would be alive but it is not called a tragic story for nothing... my taste in stories and book is so difficult and I am a picky reader hard to be pleased. and thus story is one of the greatest I have read now or listen to I recommend it very much I like they way he described the suicidal thoughts of Beatrice how accurate and well written especially how he feelings at the moment and how they were present in the Tale

OMG, what a ride

(5 stars)

beautiful and elegantly written; read fantastically. the pace of the story was perfect, and a well layed out plot of the honorable longing of two hearts out of time with each other. Such a miserable ending for all involved but I loved the story all the same...

Just not interested

(2 stars)

Six chapters in and still no real plot. I assume it is just a drama or maybe a love story eventually develops. I can't listen anymore.

Intense Tragic Love Story

(5 stars)

Couldn’t put the book down as I could hardly wait to see what happens. Highly recommend and the narration is excellent.


(5 stars)

A sad story, but wonderfully woven by a master story teller. Good job by the narrator. Well worth a listen.

unitarian views, adulterous thoughts and quite depressing. after death, of whic…

(0.5 stars)