On Generation and Corruption

Read by Geoffrey Edwards

(2.7 stars; 44 reviews)

On Generation and Corruption (Ancient Greek: Περὶ γενέσεως καὶ φθορᾶς, Latin: De Generatione et Corruptione, also known as On Coming to Be and Passing Away) is a treatise by Aristotle. Like many of his texts, it is both scientific and philosophic (although not necessarily scientific in the modern sense). The philosophy, though, is essentially empirical; as in all Aristotle's works, the deductions made about the unexperienced and unobservable are based on observations and real experiences. The question raised at the beginning of the text builds on an idea from Aristotle's earlier work The Physics. Namely, whether things come into being through causes, through some prime material, or whether everything is generated purely through "alteration." From this important work Aristotle gives us two of his most remembered contributions. First, the Four Causes and also the Four Elements (earth, wind, fire and water). (Summary Adapted from Wikipedia) (3 hr 30 min)


Book I Chapters 1-2 27:30 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
Book I Chapters 3-4 25:19 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
Book I Chapters 5-6 29:25 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
Book I Chapters 7-8 28:48 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
Book I Chapter 9-10 17:25 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
Book II Chapters 1-5 34:16 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
Book II Chapters 6-9 24:44 Read by Geoffrey Edwards
Book II Chapters 10-11 23:10 Read by Geoffrey Edwards


Please for the love of God learn how to talk!

(1 stars)

Reader has no idea of what he's doing. There is absolutely no Quality Control with Librivox. That much is apparent.

The reader resembles a lazy child reading his school lessons.

(2 stars)

Aristotle's books are important. so if some body else can volunteer to read this book it will be good

It was ok

(3.5 stars)

Good work, easy to understand. I believe some reviewers do not consider the fact that it was done with nothing in return. Keep going, guys.

(5 stars)

I like the reading style, but inevitably some might won't be able to enjoy it

(1 stars)

This reader is unbearable. because...... he pauses..... at ridiculous times and.... sounds... like a machine.


(5 stars)

Good job! Maybe consider reading “Generation of animals”?

Reader is great

(5 stars)

As someone with an auditory processing disorder, I appreciate the clear pronunciation of the reader. It makes it much easier to digest the information. Good quality audio also. Thank you!

(4 stars)

Really appreciate that the reader took the time to read this book. I know some reviewer have complained about his style, but it has really grown on me