The Green Odyssey

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.6 stars; 690 reviews)

Alan Green is a space traveler stranded on a barbaric planet who has been taken slave and made a consort to an insipid and smelly queen. His slave-wife, though beautiful and smart, nags him constantly. He’s given up hope of ever returning to Earth when he hears of two astronauts who have been captured in a kingdom on the other side of the planet, and sets out on an action-packed journey on a ship sailing across vast grasslands on rolling pin-like wheels in a desperate scheme to save them and return home. Due to the non-renewal of its copyright, this book is in the public domain.(Summary by Mark Nelson) (6 hr 6 min)


Ch. 1-3 38:48 Read by Mark Nelson
Ch. 4-6 33:29 Read by Mark Nelson
Ch. 7-9 32:48 Read by Mark Nelson
Ch. 10-12 33:29 Read by Mark Nelson
Ch. 13-15 46:49 Read by Mark Nelson
Ch, 16-18 38:00 Read by Mark Nelson
Ch. 19-21 32:42 Read by Mark Nelson
Ch. 22-24 43:28 Read by Mark Nelson
Ch. 25-26 38:51 Read by Mark Nelson
Ch. 27 28:06 Read by Mark Nelson


Mark Nelson is LibriVox gold

(5 stars)

Just do a search on "Mark Nelson" and download everything he's recorded. He's miles and away the best volunteer reader of free audio books I've ever heard.

A Fantastic Journey

(5 stars)

Bored with your job? Surrounded by idiots? well the protagonist of this book shows there's always somebody worse off ! Brilliant read by Mark who realy brings the characters to life, thanks for the hours of pleasure your narrations have given.

(4 stars)

It's amazing how a great reader can truly bring a great story to life. I find myself searching for books read by the narrator just because I not only have faith in his abilities, but he apparently shares my interests in the same genres. Definitely worth hearing if you are into older sci -fi. Meaning the kind of sci -fi that's not really based on fact, or explained fully. Just enjoy the story.

Good story!

(5 stars)

Imagine earning a living as a professional 'consort' to the queen. Okay, not much of a living, since the hero is really more of a slave, but she does provide for him and his many children... oh and his wife as well! Yikes what a triangle! Now, when he has given up hope of going home, he might have a chance... but what to do with his family? Neat story, and Mark Nelson does a great job as always.

Spaceman out of Space story.

(5 stars)

I liked this book, Alan Green, stuck as a slave on a world like ours before advances in tech, wants his freedom and must save his fellow earthlings in order to escape the planet. Colorfull and and easy to like, it also has a few interesting concepts to think about, and as usual Mark Nelson does a great job reading.

Great story and easy listen

(5 stars)

This is an awesome sci-fi/fantasy story set on a distant planet. The main character, Green, is the perfect protagonist. He is a man with attributes you could easily identify with, not some superhero who you know is going to win almost every battle by default. Great audio quality, Mark Nelson was fantastic as always.

All I can add is...

(5 stars)

I can only add one thing to the amazing reviews already in place. That is: for you to not deny that these are impossible facts of science. It is already apparent from what we have done compared to what people tought in the past. That it would be impossible to do the Science we have now. If you also are scientist and a reader of History this would be clear to you!


(5 stars)

As always, Mark Nelson adds another level to the quality of the work. He is the highest standard of reading and I'm unable to enjoy anyone else! The story is fantastically unique and we'll thought out. I hope to hear more collaborations with these two!