Jill's Red Bag

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Jack and Jill, along with their little sister "Bumps", are two pickles. Their curious, wild ways are too much for their guardians. But when their older sister reluctantly employs a governess for them, their feet are turned toward the "Golden City." (Summary by GabrielleC) (3 hr 54 min)


'What Can Be Done with Them?' 12:53 Read by GabrielleC
'We're to Have a Governess' 13:43 Read by GabrielleC
'The Golden City' 14:45 Read by GabrielleC
'Let's Be Truants!' 17:40 Read by GabrielleC
'A Very Solemn Vow!' 14:29 Read by GabrielleC
'God's Cabbages' 14:21 Read by GabrielleC
The Trespasser 17:28 Read by GabrielleC
'I Must Love First, before I Can Give' 15:33 Read by Rachel
Trying to Be 'Double Good' 16:32 Read by Esther ben Simonides
A Paper Chase 19:30 Read by Adele de Pignerolles
A Donkey Ride 19:20 Read by Adele de Pignerolles
The Bishop and the Geese 15:01 Read by Esther ben Simonides
Mona's Tenth 14:31 Read by Rachel
'You and Your Red Bag Are at the Bottom of It All!' 13:49 Read by Rachel
'Worn Out in a Good Service' 15:16 Read by Esther ben Simonides


A sweet reminder of what obedience can do!

(4 stars)


(5 stars)

An encouraging and challenging story.